Resurection of the dead and purgatory

Why don’t we take our body with us when we die? What is the purpose of our body in heaven? And after we are purified in purgatory why don’t we take our body then?

Following the sin of Adam our bodies became subject to death; with Christ’s death and resurrection we have been given the pattern of what our bodies will undergo. Just as Christ experienced death and was in the tomb for three days, so our own bodies must lie in wait for the resurrection, but we must wait for the day of the one resurrection for all and all at once, since our resurrection is as the Church, the One Body of Christ.

Since we are not angels, creatures purely of spirit, we have the guarantee that our bodies are created to join with our spirits in the fullness of the salvation that He won for us - or to join with our spirits in the eternal punishment due to us. The Incarnation of God the Son shows the goodness of the human body and that it, too, shares in the rewards or punishments that we will receive at the end of our lives.

Ok but why do we need our body in heaven?

Because without our bodies we are not fully human, as God made us, and as he intends us to be for all eternity.

I don’t know why he made us that way, but he evidently thought it was a good enough plan that he took it upon himself and took on his own body.

Do we get back the bodies we had at the time of our death? Just wondering!

We will get our own bodies back but they will be made perfect, just as the Body of Christ was made perfect upon His resurrection.

As promised, all will be made new again.

The earth will one day be made perfect. It will be purged by fire The New Jerusalem will descend and we will be able to go back and forth from the renewed earth and this City.

This is God’s plan . “eden” meant heaven on earth. it is just gonna take a whole lot of years and pain and blood and wars and death before it all happens. Oh, yes, and of course, the Second Coming of our Lord Jesus Christ.

isn’t that great news.

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