Resurrection Imagery

Hey all,
I’m a seminarian and for my liturgy course I’m trying to prepare a presentation on the most beautiful images of the Resurrection and thought this might be a good place to ask for some suggestions for of favourite icons. Thanks a lot.

The Descent into Hades
By death he trampled death…

Jesus is standing on the gates of hell, the locks of which he has broken open. In some icons, we can see Satan bound beneath the doors. Christ is raising Adam and Eve from their tombs and behind them we see the righteous kings and prophets who went before Christ who recognize him and begin preaching to the souls in hell. This icon of Holy Saturday shows Christ in his glory, as our Savior and Deliverer. It is the beginning of his resurrection.

one of my favs…

I especially like the imagery of a bound Hades.

and a “golden oldie” of the Novgorod school:

Wow great stuff all, thank you very much, not to say don’t post more if you got em:)

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