Resurrection of the Body

I started a thread about this years ago but it fizzled out. How can the dead be resurrected when they are dry bones or dust? I’m having a hard time comprehending it.

Also, when the graves were opened and many bodies of the saints which slept arose, was this their spiritual bodies or physical bodies?

Matthew 27:52-53

The resurrection of the dead is a belief of both Jews and Christians. Jesus gave a parable about this, comparing it to a grain of wheat that does into the earth and “dies” but really there is a transformation into something that does not resemble the original grain of wheat. This is a matter which we accept on faith – and many stumble on it, even in Biblical times.

God created the universe out of nothing. He spoke it into existence. Surely he can ressurrect someone who is dead.

The mechanics of how it will happen is anyone’s guess but it will happen.


Jesus looked at them and said, “With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.”

Matthew 19:26

We have actual scientific evidence that our Lord’s body just up and vanished from inside of His burial linen as He lay buried in His tomb.
We do not, scientifically speaking, know how that could happen, but it is a fact.

I recommend Mark Antonacci’s new book “TEST THE SHROUD.”
Our Lord’s sacred burial cloth has helped me to realize what it is possible for the Creator of the Universe to accomplish. Maybe it can help you too.

No spiritual body; spiritual bodies never lie in a grave!

The bodies that were raised were standard-issue, earth-skin, natural human bodies!


How was your remarkable human body able to form from a pinch of genetic ooze, fifty pounds of earth, somewhat more water and a few tons of oxygen?

If God could make it happen once, He can do it again. Having the bones might make it a weebit easier, but not necessary.


It is a miracle, beyond our human understanding.

The scriptures give us a clue… Our bodies will not perish but will be transformed into glorified bodies just as Jesus was glorified as He ascended from the grave… Read 1 Corinthians 15:35-58… So the temporary "tent’ we call our body= the body of the Church, will not go to heaven, but our spiritual bodies will go to our permanent home as one with the ‘glorified’ body of Christ , the Church triumphant in heaven, who lives in the Fathers heavenly and permanent home…

1 Corinthians 13:12 For now we see only a reflection as in a mirror; then we shall see face to face. Now I know in part; then I shall know fully, even as I am fully known.

So think about this… if we are in heaven we will see Jesus show Himself to us and we will see the angels and the Saints surrounding Him… Can we see Jesus physically now? Perhaps if we are in Spirit we can, but out of spirit we don’t… That’s why we must Worship in the Spirit to see glimpses of heaven which awaits us as promised especially at the Holy Sacrifice of the mass where Jesus is surrounded by the saints and the angels… We will see that in Glory when we die… Yes it is a miracle as the mass is a miracle every time Jesus Comes to us In Glory as the Resurrected Jesus…

Are you suggesting God is incapable of resurrecting our bodies?

Sir, with all due respect, I don’t find that to be either a kind statement or helpful to the starter of this thread. I recall that some Catholic posters can’t bring themselves to accept that our Lord could leave His Sacred Image on His burial linen.

The difference being that the Turin Shroud is in no way a matter of faith. Human body resurrection is.

And faith requires grace. Sometimes you just have to wait for it.


its something that we have to take on faith like the trinity or transustanciation God said it so it is

I’m suggesting that I’m having a hard time comprehending it.

The resurrected body doesn’t have to be made out of the exact same atoms as the one that died. Your body now isn’t made from the exact same atoms as the one you were born with.

Also, we have a good idea from the stories of Jesus’ resurrected body that the bodies themselves will have capabilities our current ones don’t. We won’t need to eat or breathe, so will we even have internal organs?The resurrected Christ could appear in a locked room, so that’s either passing through solid matter, invisibility, or teleportation. Pretty sweet.

Now, the question of how the body counts as “mine” if it’s recreated ages later from different atoms or possibly unearthly materials entirely is a tough one, philosophically. Is that the issue you are having?

I’m having an issue with how our skin etc. will appear on us from being bone or dust.

That one just seems to be a matter of God’s omnipotence. He takes the bones or dust and reconstitutes them, replacing anything (like skin, muscles, probably a brain) that’s not still there.

The creator of the universe can assuredly whip up some skin, either from existing molecules or literally out of nothing.

With omniscience as well. He could track the current location of every particle that made up my body at the moment of death and reassemble them exactly as they were. The reason I don’t think He will necessarily do that is that, depending on how long I’ve been dead, some of my former particles have likely also been in other people’s bodies, so there would have to be some substitution to resurrect all of us at the same time.


The cells of our body die every day and disappear into dust and air.

But here’s the thing as I see it. Even that dust and air etc doesn’t disappear completely, does it? So if you have an atom of you in the cosmos somewhere, God ‘regenerates’ it. How is it harder for Him to bring you ‘back’ from the you cells that are already there, than it was to create you in the first place?

I think you have the idea that once a person decomposes enough, that he or she ‘can’t’ be brought back because the decomposition ‘goes too far’. But the Maker of stars and galaxies, who Himself defeated death, is surely capable of saying even to the ‘deadest’ and ‘least’ cell, 'Arise, shine forth" and make of that a glorified body to rejoin the soul and go into Eternity with Him, forever in the community of saints. The Author of Life cannot be limited by the temporary and temporal effects of physical death in His creatures, or He wouldn’t be God. And the regeneration of glorified life, being a promise He gave to us, is obviously not something irrational, or something He hadn’t planned on. Remember, we’re all still creatures, finite, of limited intellect compared to God. What we see imperfectly or can’t get our minds around might be something that we’re just not seeing at ALL, and once we do, will make perfect sense.

Believing and understanding are different. As long as you believe it that is what counts. All Catholics must believe it.

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