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I’m searching for retail stores that don’t support gay marriage, abortion, and some of the other hot buttons that are not consistant with the catholic faith.

We have stopped shopping at Target because the stopped letting the Salvation Army collect at Christmas time and other things I’ve heard over the internet.

Does any body know where there is a list of “approved retailers”?

Thanks for your help


Uh-oh you just opened a can of worms. Check out the Starbucks thread.
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I strongly suggest you give up the search for the perfectly untarnished business…it simply doesn’t exist. Not to mention…how do you know the clerk ringing up your purchases isn’t an adulterer, child molester, embezzler, gossip, etc… We humans are a tarnished bunch–I wouldn’t spend the time or energy fretting about where you buy your kleenex and deoderant. :wink:


I don’t know of any list, but your local Catholic radio station probably advertises Catholic financial planners & such. They might be a place to start.


Here’s a site that lists stores that DO support abortion.

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Sadly, the site is from 2002, and one of the lists is no longer available, and the other is out of date. Some of the stores have changed position and new stores, no doubt have joined the bandwagon. Know of any other lists?



Walt Disney, Circuit City, Scolari’s Food & Drug, Black-jack Pizza, Basics Office Products, Lowe Enterprises, George Weston (President’s Choice products, Loblaws supermarkets, etc.), Kees (manufacturing), Pfizer, Whole Foods Market, Kara-Line, JPMorgan Chase (including Chase Bank, & Bank One), Johnson & Johnson, Bank of America, Golub (Price Chopper & Mini Chopper stores), Lost Arrow (Patagonia), Nieman Marcus, Patagonia, Unilever, Wells Fargo, Time Warner (HBO, Cinemax, AOL, etc.), and Wachovia

That is a partial list put out by Life Decisions International. To get a full list, you must pay $21.95!!! Which obviously is a little outrageous. So, no, I do not have a really current list.

I was in a hurry this morning, so now I can more fully comment. I understand the want to not support stores/organizations that support “morally corrupt” agendas. I feel the same way about that, also any companies that test on animals unnecessarily. HOWEVER, after looking over all the lists, it’s almost impossible to avoid these companies completely! The only cable company here is Time Warner. Am I going to sacrifice EWTN and other wonderful programming to make a point? What about Disney? How do you tell your child that you won’t let them see/buy the latest Disney movie???

There was a time when Target, WalMart and KMart were all supporting “questionable” agends. So where can you go to get reasonably priced shampoo and such???

I agree with a previous poster. Even the “best” corporations may be run/staffed by very bad individuals. There’s just no way of knowing.

Personally, I join large boycotts when they come up, but don’t do individual boycotting on a regular basis. I don’t know if you’re a member, but the American Family Association keeps me informed when a major issue comes up, as does the Family Research Council.

Good luck and God bless!!



Everybody hear has already expressed my opinion: It’s a matter of choosing the lesser of the evils, and there is no perfect retailer. I join large boycotts to make my voice heard.

I would only add that the Salvation Army is a protestant religion. The organization does good, but so does St. Vincent de Paul.


Lotsa Luck.:smiley:


Our local phone book has a Christian symbol next to certain retailers who wish to be identified as believers and the implication is that they run their business in a Christian manner. You might check out your city’s phone book (not a huge metro one, but just your town specifically if you aren’t in an urban area) and see if that gives you something to work with.


I actually shop AT Target during Christmas specifically because they prohibited the Salvation Army from soliciting there. Nothing gets me less in the mood to celebrate Jesus’ birth than getting a bell rung at me and having a paid solicitor wish me a phoney “Happy Holidays” while trying to get me to guiltily give money to an organization that I don’t want to support.


I agree. Its a big massive waste of time. I have several retail giants within 3 miles of me. Hate to say it, but if I knew they all supported partial birth abortion (an example) and I knew of only ONE store that didnt, but it was say 40 miles away, I’m not spending the money on gas to get there. I am responsible for myself. My money goes to sundries, etc What the owners choose to do iwth my money is on their head not mine.

Of course if such a store was equal or nearer to other said stores I would shop there instead but I choose to be logical with this kind of stuff.


:tiphat: makes perfect sense to me




While I agree with many of the posters comments, I have an additional comment.

Don’t forget about the small business owner. Ask around at Church if there are any small business owners, see who advertises on the back of the bulletin. It might be harder in a larger city, but in our small town of 13,000 we know who supports the Catholic schools, and the Churches, and what their stances are. I might pay a little more to buy my groceries or toiletries at a small business, but since I work for a small business I have a vested interest.

I would rather go with out fruit snacks for my kids to shop local than to give my money to an organization that’s going to support something I feel strongly against.

God Bless You all!



Amen Michele! I so agree, as a small business owner, this is exactly what I do!

Please, please, look at local stores. You get much better service as well.


Thanks I appreciate your work. I’ve heard the family research council and I’ll look into that. I’m sure everone is right about the perfect retailer, I’m just looking for the least of all evils and I don’t want to be dumb about it.


I’m new to this environment so I’m not sure if it is appropriate or expected to thank you for your thoughts and input. I will have to do some more work on this. I don’t think it is a waste of time. Just like raising children, I don’t want to reward inappropriate behavoir. And if there is one company that follows closely to what I believe is right (or at least is not promoting something contrary) I’ll do my best to support it.
Thanks again.


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