Retaining a ministry as a Catholic.


A brief overview: I am a Protestant pastor with a Doctor of Ministry in Christian Counseling. I have been in full-time volunteer ministry as a Christian Counselor for the past six years. The ministry areas have been inner healing and deliverance. I am now looking at some physical healing and marital counseling ministries. I am currently studying the Catholic Church and am close to converting.

In order to be involved in ministry (with liability insurance) it is necessary to be a pastor or licensed in some way. Does the church offer any kind of designation that would provide licensing or something of that sort. A great deal of what I work with is in the area of deliverance. As I read things that work is only performed by designated priests/exorcists. Is deliverance ministry performed outside of the priesthood within the church?

If there are limitations here, where would someone like me fit into the formula of the church? What would the opportunities be?


Dear Pastor,

I rejoice at the great things the Lord is obviously accomplishing within you at this time. I would suggest that you contact Marcus Grodi’s “Coming Home Network:

This organization specializes in helping just such people as you. If you have trouble making contact, let us know. Meanwhile, you are in our prayers.

Fr. Vincent Serpa, O.P.

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