"Retarded Redneck Woman"


There are disabled people victimized on TV who suffer, such as “Robinette” from the Jerry Springer Show. The keyword on YouTube for the video is “Jerry Springer - Retarded Redneck Woman.”

I feel for people like that, I really do, it’s sad. Nobody wants to be treated like Robinette and I will keep her in my prayers. The Pope likely would find this disturbing but I cannot speak for him.

It is also an anti-semitism generator


Isn’t Jerry a Jew, how can he be anti-Semite?

…as for victimizing, hollowood is not interested in anything unless it sells tickets (air time/products); most of those “live” shows are there for the ratings not to help the victims.

Maran atha!



I’m an Englishman. I can’t comment on the American situation. But it seems to me that the main problem is the class system. The class system exists in every nation. And in every nation there is an upper class, a middle class, a working class, and a lower class. You’re describing class conflict. I’ve spoken to North Americans and they say class differences are more pronounced in the UK but it exists everywhere.


I appreciate your response, there was a post recently about the ethnic diversity of English persons not too long ago. In the United States we’ve had several underground fandom of British comedy. It is certainly different when comedians behave as persons making silly mistakes and I am glad Americans appreciated that for a time.

I have to admit, the opening show of a global event in England was stunning and I’ll not soon forget the poor children and Mary Poppins part, with dozens of stars gently flying into the stadium. Exceptional!


The UK has had ethnic diversity for a long time. Don’t forget that the sun never set on the British Empire. People say the British exploited their colonies but often forget that the colonies greatly influenced Britain. The nations of the Empire sent many people to England and England welcomed them with open arms, especially after WW2. Ethnicity has never been an issue in the UK because we’re a ‘mongrel nation’ in the sense that we ourselves have been colonised several times - from the Saxons, to the Vikings and the Normans. There’s no such thing as a true Englishman. Even our Winston Churchill was half-American. And the Queen is German.

So how does this relate to the topic? The important division in society has always been class. And in modern Britain, class is determined by accent, education and money. The working class no longer works because they’re struggling in a globalised economy. And the aristocracy are losing their place to the nouveau riche - those valiant people who make their own place in the world. These people are often derogatory called ‘Essex Man.’

I suppose ‘Essex Man’ is similar to the American Man. Both cast off the shackles of circumstance and make their own way in the world. They escape the prison of the caste system and determine their own future. Long live individualism and the American Dream - in whatever nation it is found.


Back to the topic, did Robinette get her dream


God bless her and everyone who feels belittled or demeaned by comments or actions of others.


Back to Saxum: Can a world war be prevented if the Queens fortune is destroyed based on the rise of crypto-currency?


I don’t understand your question so I can’t answer it. But I’ll say this: the Queen is head of State of the UK and many other Commonwealth Countries. Her role is largely symbolic and her strength lies in providing constitutional security. Her Majesty really plays no role in declaring war because the Royal Prerogative is now exercised by the Executive. Coming back to the issue of class, the Queen is the head of the aristocracy. Americans don’t have an official aristocracy because the granting of titles is banned by the Constitution - but they do have the aristocracy of wealth. Nevertheless, wars could be prevented if the wealth of American global corporations was destroyed.


Tough situation given our current climate, hopefully Robinette will see Buckingham Palace online someday… Id much rather see a documentary of her personal growth strategies and successes over her home getting destroyed after public humiliation because the world couldn’t determine what form of money she would use to buy tea bags


I’m sure you can see why some would call me a religious bloke, praying for everyone over here and G_d bless all!


Can you expand on this, it sounds like, 'if the US were to be bankrupt the world would finally live in peace, is that what you are stating?

Maran atha!



No. This statement was in response to another poster who said that the bankruptcy of the Queen would prevent war. My point was that the Royal Family or the American people do not start wars. Wars are started by the rich corporations who want to expand into markets and secure oil. These rich corporations purchase political power and set the policies - they control the governments.



Thank you for your explanation!

I would only suggest that it is not the wealth but the greed–sadly, as we have seen throughout history, just removing those in power do not remove the abuse or the destruction that is released on the world… just look at every place where the oppressive tyrant has been removed… if all that is done is extermination of a power-head, without any further implementations, soon we witness the development in Jesus’ warning about the evil spirit that returns with many others to a nice place to rule.

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I think the American Founding Fathers had the right idea, especially Jefferson. They knew that power corrupts and wanted to separate it as much as possible. Read the Federalist Papers and you’ll see how much “factions” are decried. Imagine what they’d think about the modern corporations!

There’s nothing intrinsically wrong with wealth but it’s hard for wealthy men to get to heaven. That’s why the Founding Father’s wanted a nation of Godly men who would serve God first and foremost. As you said, greed is the problem. That’s why Jefferson created the system of checks and balances to prevent the greedy from stealing all the power. Unfortunately he didn’t know about transnational corporations who have the dollars to buy power.


Jerry is Jewish, I don’t see him as being likely to be anti-Semitic given his family history which I am aware of, much of his family perished in the Holocaust. He ironically by the way is also English as well as he was born in London and his family lived there till he was around five years old.


…nor the back door through filibuster and back channels power brokering.

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…and he learned the American system of ‘give them what they want or give them what you want, but make them think they came up with the idea.’

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Oh that system is universal, it’s a system to be found everywhere.


Jerry targets himself by the conduct he presents as an enemy of the troubled. Meeting their needs with ridicule and his colleagues have been also shameful. To think after the Civil War, Robinettes family could have bailed the rest of his ancestors out in World War 2 is not addressed due to a major focus on confederate heritage in the United States. Hollywood is very good at mixing with political agendas to pretend they are non propagandic, a lie.

Nobody wants to see the Queen put in any financial constraints, it is a question some won’t ask, but her reply at a later point could do incredible things to a war-bound world. She matters, in a global economy, her point of view cannot be under appreciated. Just as the basic needs of Robinette cannot be either.

I do appreciate the Royal family very much as it was part of my upbringing but it is not to be discussed here. Following the news is something I’ve dropped since Princess Diana passed (G_d rest her precious spirit). Her sons actions to remember the anti-landmine efforts of his mother were brilliant and that is something the paparazzi will never be able to wrap their heads around.

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