Retired Priests and Deacons


I found out today that the Deacon at our church voluntarily retired so a newly ordained Deacon could be assigned at our church. This happened a few months ago but most people did not even know he was retired because he is there nearly every week for mass and very heavily involved in other church related activities.

This got me wondering if retired Priests or Deacons are paid when they celebrate mass or perform functions for the parish. We often have retired priests celebrating our masses when our own priest is needed elsewhere.-]/-]


In our area, a visiting priest (one not assigned to that parish) providing Mass coverage, whether retired or not, would typically get a Mass stipend from the parish. On the other hand, active deacons officially receive nothing for their parish work, so I wouldn’t think a retired deacon would receive anything either. Some pastors in our area require a deacon to turn over to the parish even an honorarium he might get from a family for performing a Baptism or wedding.


Religious priest often receive no salary . Those that do, their salary belongs to the order, not to them, because of vows of poverty.


When a deacon retires it simply means that he no longer has official obligations at the parish. However he can still be active and many are. In our diocese deacons are to submit retirement at 70 but many still remain active with the pastors ok.


Thanks for the info everyone. As part of the Homily our pastor thought the readings provided a good intro for him to tell people a little about the diaconate and the journey someone would take on their way to being a deacon. It really gave me an appreciation for the sacrifices they and their families make to be a servant of God. God bless them all!

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