Retired service dog at mass?

would this something that could be grave matter?

he has already been going ot mass for the last 10 years. they are not generally separated from their handlers when they work so aren’t really used to be left alone for that long. still has a vest that can distinguish him from just your regular pet. can’t really stay in the car too long either if the weather is not too hot or too cold

and it’s causing some major family discord. yes, the priest knows

I know the whole animals at mass thing can be a controversial topic but it there actualy morality involved?

I’ve seen an elderly couple bring their puppy to mass. She’s well-behaved and no one seems to react to it negatively.
Morally speaking, I don’t see anything wrong with it. At a catholic summer camp we would have mass outside, and the dogs that live at the camp would lay down near by.

Without more details (e.g. service dog vs. working dog - service dogs have owners, working dogs have handlers) all one can say is the only sin may be disrespect for the Mass or God’s house but that is between the Pastor and the dog owner.

This priest in Italy seems like a modern day St. Francis…good for him.

I’ve seen service/seeing eye dogs at Mass. They’re always very well behaved. Unlike some people I’ve seen at Mass.

well I got a new guide dog recently. but I still have my old one as well. that’s what I’m referring to.

technically retired guide dogs don’t have the same access as when they are working but I guess it’s more by discretion by anything else. but any mention by me to not take him causes me to get screamed at by my family

he was my guide dog that recently just retired. he came ot mass with us all these years when he was working. he still behaves like a working dog.

Like I mentioned earlier, an elderly couple brings their puppy to mass. I don’t see anything morally wrong with the dog being there. Just respect others, which you’ve probably already been doing in the years you’ve taken him to mass

No Angel, it’s not a moral issue AT ALL.

It’s not controversial. It’s not a moral issue.

Take your service animal to Mass.

Certainly not grave matter at all, the only possible issue might be if BOTH dogs were to come - that might need to be thought through, but it’s not clear if that’s what you’re asking. I’ve never seen a professionally trained / certified dog cause a problem.

The OP is blind.

well, I do have to take both of them. they just go to sleep

well, he doesn’t really work anymore since I have a new one. that’s what I meant. but everyone is already used to him being there so it’s not like I’m bringing a brand new pet

Does a service dog ever really retire. Perhaps you could alternate occ. on which dag to take to Mass. I don’t see the need to take both of them at the same time other than for you own persona comfort, but not immoral. You may wish to consider the extra responsibility that your parents have in this issue, too. Peace.

Retired or not there is NO moral issue here.

yes, actually, they do really retire. I had to sign a contract

Thank you, I was unaware.

There is no moral issue here. I cannot imagine anyone objecting to a well behaved service animal, retired or not. No sin. No moral issues. Enjoy Mass in peace.

P.S. - we don’t deserve dogs.:slight_smile:

OP, you do understand that there is a huge difference between real moral issues and the silly arguments that some people have with family members, don’t you?

If you have the pastor’s permission, then bring both dogs. Dogs are part of the creation and the presence of two, well behaved service dogs should not be a problem for anyone.

Just give them a bath, make sure no fleas and all should be fine. :slight_smile:

I would shake his paw at the sign of peace.

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