Retired TV Nun Mother Angelica 'Doing Well," Still Revered Worldwide

This article is about the present infirmity and life of a woman many Catholics revere greatly, Mother Angelica, who began the worldwide Catholic media network, EWTN, in the garage of her monastery, and whose face is known all over the world because of her shows there. She will be 90 in April.

Wonderful; I greatly admire (as many of us here do) Mother Angelica, and to hear that she is doing well warms my heart. :slight_smile:

Wonderful! I’ve been wondering about her lately. I’m glad she’s doing well.

I’m glad to read this. My mother and I used to watch her program, and my mom brought me a cassette tape of her reciting the Rosary. I love praying the Rosary along with her.

Wonderful to hear. Thanks for posting!

Love her dearly!!! :slight_smile:

God bless her for her courageous spirit! If she could speak clearly today, I’d love to hear what she’d have to say about the most current state of affairs!

I know what you mean. I still watch ‘‘Mother Angelica Classics.’’ And her wisdom never ceases to enlighten me. Boy, I’d love to here what she would have to say about this HHS Mandate and its attack on her beloved Church! One thing is certain…I greatly miss her! :sad_bye:

She is the best!

Glad she’s doing well.

LOL, really? The hair, fashion and double extra large size of glasses being worn by the audience should be the first clue the show is on Memorex.

“We still air some old programs, an hour or so a day,” said Warsaw. “Some people watching have no idea that these shows are taped. They think sometimes these shows are new."

I do as well; on Youtube, EWTN has posted videos of “Mother Angelica Live Classics,” and I watch them often (I particularly liked her show on Our Lady back in 1998, which I watched a month or so ago). Her wisdom is vast, and I love hearing her speak it.

Yes, Fr Joseph Wolf, who was the celebrant of today’s ‘Daily Mass’ mentioned how well she is doing!
He also has asked for prayers for Deacon Bill. He isnt well. He is coming to the end of his life.

Praise Christ Jesus, she’s okay! May the Lord grant her many years! Let’s keep her in our prayers! :crossrc:

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