Retreat Camp

I am tackling a tough decision in going to a 10 day retreat camp to reflect on the year gone by and help make important decisions for the year to come.

My girlfriend and I live in separate countries and I have lined up a work visa in her country so that we avoid the long distance relationship while she finishes her studies. What we do after is open and up to the Lord.

She is coming to my country after christmas but there is a retreat camp for 10 days which I only recently feel compelled and called by the Holy Spirit to go to. But it eats into the time that she is visiting. I would love her to come and would pay her way to join me but it’s too much pressure for her right now and I am pushing her too much into coming. Up until a month ago we both had planned to go together but I changed my mind and thought it wasn’t necessary until recently.

What it has come down to is whether or not she cancels her trip to come to my country to visit. Where I will be able to attend the retreat. Or cancel plans going to the retreat and entertain her while she is over here for 2 months.

Other alternatives have been spoken about but nothing seems to be working.
My work visa is for 18 months and I need some time to seek God’s will in my life at this retreat but don’t want to push her away in telling her that its best she doesn’t come to visit.
Or should I just continue praying and going to mass daily if possible?

Advice please.
Thank you.

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