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Hello…I live in the Long Island/Queens NY area…even during Covid, some retreat centers seem to be open…Can someone recommend a retreat center or Monastery (preferably one that offers multi-day retreats) in NY state, New Jersey, Connecticut or Massachusetts? I’d be willing to drive up to about 3 hours from the NYC area. I’m also hoping for one that is orthodox (but definitely in communion with Rome). One that offers Latin Mass would be great but I’m open to Novus Ordo too…i saw a retreat house online but it has a labrynth which kind of deters me from going…that seems “new age” to me…thank you sooo much and God bless! :pray::slightly_smiling_face::rainbow::+1:

I can’t suggest a good place, I’m sorry to say, but I pray that someone can. I have been pierced to the heart in too many so-called “retreat houses” and/or “monasteries”, and while walking the grounds find labyrinths, while browsing the book stores and libraries find new age garbage or mere fluff and pandering spirituality/devotional books. Surely there must be some oases of clear running water somewhere…

You might look into the Sisters of Life, founded by Card. O’Connor. They have a link to retreats offered to men and to women. Someone I trust tells me they were faithful, as of some years ago.

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I have not lived in that area so can’t help you with specific recommendations, but I do suggest not letting the presence of a labyrinth deter you if it’s your only objection. Labyrinths have been used by Christians for centuries. The one in the cathedral of Chartres (France), for example, has been in place since about the 13th century; it is said to symbolize the long and winding path to salvation. Other 13th century labyrinths can be found in the cathedrals of Reims and Amiens (both also in France). Walking the path of a labyrinth can assist a person in spiritual contemplation often engaged in as part of a retreat.

That said, it’s absolutely possible that a labyrinth, even one installed in a church or the garden of a retreat center, can be used for purposes that contradict Catholic teaching so intent is important. If you will be forced to use the labyrinth, or even just encouraged to do so but in a way incompatible with the Catholic faith, that would obviously be cause for concern so in your place I would visit the site to get a feel for how the labyrinth might be used there (books that are not in line with Catholicism for sale in the shop or available in the library for use by retreatants would be a red flag, as stated by @fide above). The mere presence of an on-site labyrinth, however, would not be enough by itself for me to pass on a retreat at that particular destination. Again, it depends on why it’s there and how it’s intended to be used.

I hope you find a place suitable for your retreat. God bless!


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Not sure how far this would be for you, but I’ve always treasured retreats with our “local” Trappists.

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Miles Christi priests offer weekend Ignatian spiritual exercises retreats that are fantastic. They don’t celebrate the Latin Mass but they do celebrate Mass ad orientem and their Masses are very traditional.

There are retreats in NY
Search Miles Christi retreats and check the listings. These are men’s or women’s silent retreats lasting from Friday evening through Sunday afternoon.

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As a Connecticut native, all I can say is this: Ender’s Island FOR THE WIN! It’s such a beautiful place, and you don’t necessarily have to go for a retreat program. Just take an Amtrak train to Mystic, get an Uber or Lyft driver to pick you up at the train station, and take in the beautiful sights and sounds.
Official website

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How about an Ignatian retreat? If you like the Mass in Latin, the SSPX has a retreat house in Ridgefield, CT. I went on a retreat there many years ago and found it really helped me get my spiritual life back on sound footing. It’s about an hour or two drive from NYC, traffic and weather depending. Contact them through the SSPX website.

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