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I’m considering a vocation to the priesthood. I was wondering if anyone knew of solid orders for men whose charism involves offering retreats or working at retreat centers. When I say “solid,” I mean an order which is not hokey, liberal, whatever you want to call it. Just solidly Catholic. (The use of the Extraordinary form Mass would be an added, though not requisite, benefit).

Thank you very much!

The Passionists:)


certain Benedictines give retreats (my community does, but away from the monastery). If you are interested in them, PM me :slight_smile:

Good luck and may God bless you completely.

The Franciscan Friars of the Renewal are an orthodox Catholic order. They have a retreat apostolate. I’ve been on their retreats and they are wonderful–much focus on the Lord in the Eucharist with a Eucharistic Procession occurring one of the nights on the retreat. They are in love with the Lord.

Well, since he is the patron saint of retreats & retreatants, St. Ignatius’ order, The Society of Jesus might be a good place to start. :wink:
Actually, St. Ignatius wrote the book on retreats- The Spiritual Exercises.

I am a little biased, my spirituality is very Ignatian,
and the Exercises have changed my life! :smiley:

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