Retrouvaille weekend?


Have you been on a Retrouvaille weekend? Was it worth the time and money? Did you attend all the sessions in the weeks after the weekend?
Thanks. :)


Yes, yes and yes! Best thing we've ever done- it was the beginning of a total transformation in our marriage. And, yes, the post sessions are essential.


Thank you for this unpaid endorsement. :smiley:
I can’t even get my husband to come home for dinner, let alone suggesting something that would tie up his weekends for a month and a half. I am very reluctant to sign up for something so time-consuming without a large helping of hope that it will be worth the trouble it might cause. My priest recommended this to me and pretty much told me not to be a chicken and just say, “We’re going.” If I can get past being a chicken, maybe I will (big maybe). :shrug:


Do it! You don't need to get a commitment from your husband to attend all the post-sessions before going, and Retrouvaille certainly doesn't ask for such a commitment when registering. Go, take it as it comes, and perhaps your H will feel differently about the post-sessions after attending the weekend. (Incidentally, the post-sessions take a few hours once a week, not a whole day.)

If it makes him (or you) feel any more comfortable, there is no group sharing and no counseling during the weekend. While you might have the opportunity to speak with a priest or the presenting couple privately if you'd like, you don't need to and no one will know if you do or don't.

I will be praying for you and your husband.


I agree! You should go.

We went when I was 7 months pregnant and supposed to be on bed rest. My DH works evenings and weekends and the sessions were 1 1/2 hours away from our hometown. We had to struggle to find the money to pay. Still, it was well worth all that.

We were not able to attend any of the post sessions due to my DH's job. He couldn't take time off every week to go plus again, I was on bed rest. :p I wish we had been able to attend but we still got so much out of it and still use some of the techniques that we learned that weekend.

My DH complained the entire way there but changed his mind quickly once we got talking about things that we had not been able to talk about before.:thumbsup:

Go - no matter what obstacles are in your way.


Go on the weekend. Worry about the post sessions after. My husband didn't want to go on the posts prior to the weekend. He was so impressed with the weekend that the night we got home he was on the phone switching work days to be able to attend.


I've never been but I've only heard good things about it, and if it can give your marriage a fighting chance for survival I'm sure it would be worth it. It is certainly better to try and save a marriage than let it fall apart.


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