Return of another oldie - Have you ever

Somehow, this got lost in the shuffle…

Have you ever been ‘lost’ in an unfamiliar building?

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Yes, when I was a kid I got lost in Gimbels department store, strayed from my mother.

Have you ever been on airboat ride [ down through the everglades ]


Somehow not, despite living next to the Everglades for a couple years.

Have you ever travelled across an ocean (any means)?

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I’ve flown over the Atlantic roughly twelve times, over the Arctic perhaps eight, and over the Pacific once.

Have you ever made a hole-in-one? :golf:


Only at Putt-Putt…

Have you ever done a 50-mile hike? [popular back in the 60’s…]

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Yes in a hospital when my husband had surgery.

That’s a reoccurring dream of mine. I’m either driving and lost or in an unfamiliar building and lost.


Please remember that this thread is about answering a “have you ever” question and following it up with your own “have you ever” question.


Have you ever locked your keys in your car?

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Only a gazillion times :roll_eyes: :woman_facepalming:t2: At one point it was such a frequent occurrence that I wore a duplicate of the key around my neck :blush: Even the introduction of the remote key fob hasn’t totally saved me: I managed to lock one of those in our previous car three or four years ago. (By that time the car was ancient; current key fob technology probably makes this impossible.)

Have you ever attended an Eastern Catholic wedding?

I have not.

Have you ever been to Kraków?

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Have you ever ridden the cable cars in San Francisco? :bridge_at_night:


Have you ever had taco nights?

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Have you ever prepared calamari? :squid:

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Have you ever tried fries topped with vinegar rather than ketchup?

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I think so, not French fries per se but pan fried potatoes. My mom used to make this sort of omelette with a side of fried potatoes. Then vinegar would be sprinkled on both. It was a good dish.

Have you ever baked bread :baguette_bread:?

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No, but some of my siblings did.

Have you ever braked for a deer crossing the road when driving? :deer::oncoming_automobile:

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I’ve never had one cross in front of me, but I’ve seen them on the side of the road many times.

Have you ever seen a mama goose and goslings attempt to cross a busy street?

No, but I’ve seen them try to cross my backyard.

Have you ever dreamt that you were praying and woke up to find yourself still praying?

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I can’t remember.

Have you ever gotten into a quarrel with someone in a dream, then briefly thought it was real when you woke up?

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I think I might have.

Have you ever slept in a bunk bed?

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