Return of another oldie - Have you ever

Thankfully, no.

Have you ever taken a twenty-mile hike?


Have you ever taken a survival training course?

Many years ago, I taught survival courses.

Have you ever refinished a table?


Have you ever built a table from scratch?

No refinished but not built.

Have you ever owned more than 100 books at one time?


Have you ever made a pan of brownies using a recipe and not a box mix?

Yes, several times.

Have you ever eaten something unusual at someone else’s house that you wouldn’t normally eat at home? (For me it was eel.)

Yes. Courtesy to a host requires it.

Have you ever auditioned for a part in a play?

Yes, and I have been in a couple of community plays.

Have you ever tried hang gliding?


Have you ever backed up on an interstate?


Have you ever eaten a bug?

Not intentionally…

Have you ever tried fly-fishing?

Yes, although I wasn’t very good at casting.

Have you ever gotten a speeding ticket?

Yes, about 39 years ago. I had to pay a $13 fine.

Have you ever owned a beagle?

No…the neighbors had a few beagles, and my dogs always got along well with them…every dog should have a beagle…

Have you ever hit a deer?


Have you ever found cash on the street (not in a wallet)?

Yes, two $20 bills one time. A $100 bill another time.

Have ever sung in a choir?


Have you ever fallen in public? (I don’t even want to think about it)

Yes, a couple of times.

Have you ever given CPR?


Have you ever had to use crutches?

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