Return of yet another oldie - TPAM [The Poster After Me]

Yes I do

TPAM secretly admires someone.

I do. My parish secretary. Always knows the right thing to say, is always supportive and understanding, is very good at finding solutions, an excellent listener, and her conversations always focuses on the other. I need to be more charitable towards others as she is.

TPAM makes an adoration hour after midnight.

No…our parish’s adoration hours are limited to during the day on First Fridays…

TPAM read the comics in today’s paper.


TPAM subscribes to at least one daily newspaper.

No, haven’t for years.

TPAM drives a pickup truck.


TPAM drinks extremely hot coffee

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I don’t know what you mean by “extremely hot”, but I’m going to guess no. I tend to let mine cool off for a couple minutes before drinking it.

TPAM has flown with a pet before

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Nope…the last time I flew was in 1970, and such things didn’t happen back then…

TPAM takes blood pressure meds.

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Yes, two different kinds.:disappointed:

TPAM never uses public bus transportation.

Not any more, but I used to when I worked for Microsoft since they paid for the bus pass.

TPAM is thirsty while reading this

just sipped a cold glass of water

TPAM has a candle burning

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