Return to Tradition

No kidding…

It sounds like a threat to me…

This is already happening. Look at the interest in the TLM that all the media exposure has generated. So in that regard, the delay has been a good thing. Many people will want to attend a TLM, if only to “try it out” because of all the attention it has received. Some will get hooked on it and some won’t. The attendance and demand for it will increase.

The next sentence reads “Tradition has to be flexible enough to adapt to changing circumstances without abandoning its core principles”. Doesn’t that just mean liberals are free to create innovations that effectively undermine traditions? Like what has been happening say in the last forty years?

Relief for some, maybe. Reluctance, for sure. Disbelief for many. For years I asked my mother why she never attended mass. For years she told be that it changed and I wouldn’t understand. Well, eventually I found and attend TLM and practice traditionally. I now understand!!!

Exactly! :rolleyes:

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