Returning Catholic and discernment

Hi, over the Lenten season I have had returning thoughts of discernment. It started out about a year ago with looking at who I am and my worth. I continued to question the meaning of my life. I searched it through many religions. I however, on Ash Wednesday after over seven years away from the Church attended Mass. It was one of the greatest feelings in my life. Over the next couple of days it brought great clarity to whom I am. I work at a behavioral health center. I saw the love and power of God that gave hope to the patient’s. In addition, using my past knowledge from Catholic school I sat and prayed with these patient’s. I looked at other moments in life where I loved talking to people and showing empathy. I realized I love God and I love sharing his love towards others. I felt my heart was open. I prayed, started attending mass on Sunday. Now making effort three to four times a week. In addition, trting to participate in Church activities.

I feel I have ways to go. I never was Confirmed know will be a big step. In addition, haven’t neen to Confession. I feel toughest choice is I mention to my current girlfriend about considering Priesthood. With current thoughts of Priesthood my girlfriend Jan stated I be taking advantage of her being with her and these thoughts. I know how right she is. Working on having Faith in God’s will that it will work out.

I appreciate the feedback

May God bless you

It’s wonderful that you’re attending Mass again and discerning. These sentences especially say it all. As a first step, I’d suggest that you talk to a priest at the church you’re attending about what has been happening. He can help you with Confirmation and Confession, and guide you in your discernment, too.
Blessings for your journey.:slight_smile:

We need more Priests, may the spirit guide you through.

I agree you should speak with your priest, go to Confession, and then take steps to get Confirmed.

After speaking with the priest about it, if you truly feel you may be called to the priesthood, then the only loving thing to do at that point is to let go of your girlfriend. You should not be dating while you are discerning whether you have a calling to religious life. If it turns out later that you are called to marriage instead, then you might pursue a relationship (maybe even with her, if she’s still available–but don’t count on it).

Still, one step at a time. Get to Confession first, and then speak with your priest about your Confirmation and discernment.

Hi RunnerDoug,

That’s so awesome that you’ve decided to make your way back into the faith. May God continue to bless you on your journey. As far as discernment goes, that is an exciting possibility. What I will offer is this: The biggest obstacle to not knowing God’s will is not doing what you already know. Said differently: If you do what you know you’re supposed to be doing (Mass, confession, personal prayer time with Scripture every day, getting confirmed, taking a break from your girlfriend, etc.), God will show you the next step. No one can do it for you and no one can tell you (unless they have some cool gift like P. Pio which very few do). You’ll be in my prayers brother.

God bless,

Fr. Scott, AVI
Apostles of the Interior Life

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