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Hi im new to this forum and this is my first post. I have recently decided to return to the Catholic Church. im 22 and i went to Catholic School all my life up until college but never believed in God. In college i struggled with addiction to Oxi Cotin/Heroin and got help. While in treatment my friend refered me to a Evengalical church where i was born again. I went there off and on for about 2 yrs as i struggled on and off with my addiction. One of the huge problems i had with the church is their extreme criticism of other religions especially Catholics. It seemed at almost every Sunday serviced i attended they ripped them apart. He would say “im not trying to criticise the Catholics but…” or “thats one thing thats wrong with the catholic religion.” So i usually sticked to youth group. In all my years of going to Cathlolic Mass i never once heard a priest say anything like that about another religion. After the great youth pastor decided to leave this summer i decided to return to my Catholic upbringing. One major event was my Uncle who worked for the Catholic Church in Alexandria Virginia passed away this winter, he was a great man and always told me he knew i would come back. My best friends ive known all my life still go to the other church openly criticise my returning to Catholicism. The one said he would never marry a Catholic girl because she could never be on the same spiritual level as him because of the religion. I know its gonna be a very different expereince coming back but there was something i didnt get out of the Evangelical church and i believe it was Holy Communion. I am sorry this is really long and i know id probably skip over myself but any feeback would be great. I know one of the huge differences i will experience is the praying in tounges which at the other church almost everyone did. IF anyone who has been in a similar situation or just anyone with some advice they could give me would be great.

thank you much and God Bless.


First off, WELCOME HOME! I think you are right in feeling like you missed out on something when you weren’t recieveing Holy Communion. Being able to receive our Lord in the Eucharist is a precious gift indeed!

Do you speak in tongues? If so and if you feel like you would like to praise God in this form, try looking for a Charasmatic Prayer Group in your area. We have a Catholic Prayer Group that meets weekly near me and I know that most of the people who attend it speak in tongues.

Struggling through addiction is a painful thing - I’m so glad for you that you now can look to the Sacrament of Reconciliation in order to aid you in your healing process. Have you gone to confession since you came back to the Church? If not, I would say START THERE!

I am a cradle catholic, but didn’t go to church during college and during my “party years” for lack of a better term. I’m sure you get my drift. It was 13 years since I had been to confession by the time I decided to come back to the Church. And as you well know, a lot can happen in 13 years between college and partying and dating… I had a lot of confessing to do. And once I did, it changed my life. I pray you have a similar experience.


Welcome home, welcome home dear brother.

Look into some youth groups in your area (22 may be a bit too old for them). Perhaps they need adult help? Some retreats they attend, the do speak in tongues, but I don’t think it is everybody.

Good luck in your faith journey, wherever it leads you, and may you find the happiness and fullness of Christ here in your Catholic home.


Welcome home and thanks for deciding like this! :dancing: :extrahappy: Praise God! He is a pretty awesome guy.

Something you can do is call up the Diocese (sp) that you are near and ask them about teen retreat teams, and see if you can get involved helping teens because what you went through a lot of catholic teens go through and your testimony could help them a lot. God bless you. I’ll say a few short prayers for you :thumbsup:



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