Returning Home: good reads!

Just wanted to say hi to everyone and share that since I returned back to the Catholic faith I have really enjoyed reading Dr. Scott Hahn

Also, I listened to his explaination of the real presence in the eucharist on youtube and OMG it was the best explaination I have ever heard. It related it to Jewish passover, etc. God bless everyone, just wanted to share my new fav theology author!


Oh!! I LOVE Scott Hahn!!! Have you ever heard his conversion story? Here’s a link to it: It’s very interesting, funny, entertaining, and enlightening! Welcome back, by the way! :thumbsup:

Welcome Home!

You are in for an amazing ride! There are so many amazing books, talks, videos available. Everything from watching The Journey Home (on EWTN) to listening to past audio mp3’s from Catholic Answers, you are going to LOVE your refound faith.

Hearing that you’ve returned home is an answer to a prayer! I pray for my family to return every single day.

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