Returning stolen things quietly?

I wanted to ask in a case like, for example, someone grabbed something from someone else and they do not notice, but some time later they go back to return it, but consider that if they returned it publicly and the other person learned it was stolen, even if being given back, it would cause something bad, like a lot of disorder, a scandal maybe, something like that; so the person instead decides to give it back in a way that the other person doesn’t notice it was stolen AND given back so it doesn’t cause trouble.

Would it be something bad that the person returned the item without the other person knowing in this sort of case?

I think that if such a person were to return something in that manner, and if the item was not used by the other person for any substantial gain and was returned exactly in the condition is was in previously, then it would not be an issue. However, I think the person who stole it would gain more spiritual healing from it if they were to approach the other person in private and tell them, pending certain circumstances. The person would still need to confess the theft to their confessor, and let him know that the item was returned.

You may give it back in any way you wish. You don’t have to make an announcement about it. Just return it as soon as possible.:cool:

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