Returning to Love


My story is long and complicated, but I have been annulled from my first marriage many years ago. My civil marriage of 14 years how has hope of what I call a return to Love, God’s love for His people. My husband has taken RICA classes, has never been baptized and so my hope grows each day that the Lord will lead us to the life He has always intended for us, to be joined in the Sacrement of Marriage, but first my husband has to go through his own annullment…he was married for one year at age 19, and is now 53! We attend Mass and I am wondering if there are others on this forum who have gone through the same with positive outcomes? Many people have told me to join a different church, but I was raised Catholic and cannot imagine my life outside of the Church. Thank you for any responses of encouragement. God bless you.


Good wishes to you.


I think you meant your second husband?

If you have gone through the tribunal process with a decree of nullity rendered, it applies to your first husband as well as to you… :confused:

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