Returning to Mass


I haven’t stepped foot inside a church in a good few years - there have been long periods were I didnt pray etc. For a while I have been thinking about how i would like to go back to Mass, I have decided this sunday will be the day. This sunday is ‘Sea Sunday’ here, and, as seafarer myself, seems like the perfect day to start on my journey back to the church and to making my peace wit God.
i am, however nervous and anxious - worried what to do, where to sit, what people will say when they see a 20 something yr old unsure of what to do, will i look out of place… etc etc…
so prayers that I have the courage to get myself back to Mass would be much appreciated.
Thank you!! :thumbsup:


many happy prayers! websites like this one and ewtn and st. ann’s media have not only missal information you can print up or make notes of, but also some videos of masses. google them and see what you can find. the whole flock rejoices when one sheep returns. have a great time!


you wont look out of place!:thumbsup: everyone will welcome you warmly:) God bless you!!:thumbsup: i was out of church for many decades, and when i went back, i had the same concerns you did, and i was overwhelmed with joy to be back at Mass!! it was a wonderful time, and still is!:thumbsup:

praying for you :gopray:


Welcome Home!!

Hail Mary, Full of Grace, The Lord is with thee. Blessed art thou among women, and blessed is the fruit of thy womb, Jesus. Holy Mary, Mother of God, pray for us sinners now, and at the hour of death. Amen.


God is always calling His lost sheep. Welcome home, and prayers for your peace of mind in this journey home.


You are in the hands of Christ now, give Him all your anxiety and rejoice.:slight_smile: You have my prayers :gopray:


Welcome Back!

God Bless,




Praying for you.


Just come on home! Welcome back.:extrahappy:




It’s great that you’re returning. I’ll pray for you. :gopray:


THANK YOU!! :smiley:

I went to Mass today, I still have a long way to go but it was good to be back there.
Thanks for your prayers, much appreciated,you are all in mine today. :slight_smile:


Girl, we ALL have a long way to go, so never doubt your journey. All I ask is this one thing…

…should you ever have questions, concerns, confusion, or frustration…come to us, or others you can trust to hold your hand and walk with you in your journey. We as Catholics have many obstacles in that walk. So take up hands, and we will help each other, all of us, to end up in our eternal home together as Jesus prepares for our arrival. It’s gonna be great!




What a wonderful Grace God has given you. Welcome home! Your “expectations nerves” I am sure will be far worse than what eventuates this coming Sunday and I will pray so. St. Barbara is the patron saint of seafarerers and one of my own patrons.

Blessings and may The Lord always keep you close…


It’s so wonderful that you were given the grace to return. After my own brief period gone I understand how that feels. Have courage and have faith. Jesus has you where He not only wants you but needs you. Please pray daily because unfortunately the enemy awaits all of us after our mountaintop experiences. May God continue to have His hand in the small of your back to gently guide you where He would.


We make a joyful noise to sound your return. You’ve actually finished the hardest part - coming back to church.

Now do not let your heart or mind be troubled further, continue going to mass and just let the spirit in and be open to God’s love and compassion. We continue to pray for your success on you faith journey - it is a journey and not a destination. Keep at it and rewards are yours for the asking.


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