Returning to Mother Church

After about 3 years of drifting away selfishly from the Church, I have decided to return. I will be making my first confession in a few years on Thursday. However, I am quite nervous. I remember the Act of Contrition and the form of confession and every, but I’m still quite nervous. What can I do, along with lots of prayer, to prepare myself to make a good and full confession for my sins I committed during my lost years away from Mother Church? Any and all ideas will be greatly appreciated. Mahalo nui!

jtkalehua it is wonderful that you are welcoming God’s grace.
You show courage in returning to the Sacraments even though you are nervous.
You are preparing well.
If you mention to the priest that it has be a while and that you are nervous, he will guide and encourage you.
As God has called you back to the Sacraments, God will offer you the other necessary graces.

Kind wishes and prayers,


Welcome back

Ask the Holy Spirit to guide and give you strength, entreat Padre Pio in prayer to guide your confessor. When you start to be afraid, pray the Saint Michael Prayer.

The evil one does NOT want you to do this, so be aware of some spiritual battle going on, and ignore the emotional fireballs thrown at you. They will come… “I don’t need this… I’m not really a sinful person … Why even do this… bla bla bla…” Those emotions are meant to dissaude you. THEY will disappear as soon as you walk into the confessional.

Welcome back! And Peace be with you.

Glad you are coming back. I will keep you in my prayers, and hello from another Nevadan.

Set some time aside some time for an examination of conscience and write down all the mortal sins you can recall since your last confession. Then practice reading them out loud until you are comfortable saying them; you can bring the list if you like, and read it to the priest if that works for you. Welcome (back) home, we missed you!


Thanks for your prayers. They helped. When I first walked in, I was so nervous I literally started shaking briefly. I did a face-to-face confession with Father, it was also my first time meeting him. As I started talking and he was looking at me I got extremely nervous. As SOON as he started giving me his Pastoral advice, an immediate calm came over me. He’s a great Pastor and great Confessor. I walked out, knelt in front of our Lord in the Blessed Sacrament and thanked him for his beautiful Sacraments. It’s good to be back. I missed the Church :slight_smile:

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