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I have no idea which forum is correct for this question, but since it deals with the Sacraments of Confirmation and Confession, I’m posting it here.

I was received into the Catholic Church by the Sacrament of Confirmation, having been baptized in the Methodist denomination as a child. I then, for a few bad reasons, left the Church and was received into the Orthodox Church by Confirmation/Chrismation. I want to return to the Catholic Church. I also know that the Sacrament of Confirmation is non-repeateable. So my question is: What must I do to return to the Church? Only go to Confession? Or is there more to the process that I’m missing?

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I think that all that is necessary is that you go to Confession and confess all the serious sins that you committed since your last good confession. But while you are in the confessional ask the priest if there is anything else you should do. He may suggest some study or spiritual direction to resolve whatever issues led you away from the Catholic Church.

Welcome back!

Having been there, and done that, it is amazing that all that is required is to make a good confession to be received back into the Church and receive the Eucharist again. The only thing that would stand in your way is continuing in sin.

Welcome Home!

Been there and done that as well. Baptized as an infant and raised as Catholic, I abandoned the Church at the age of 17 years, only to come back when I was 39. One Sunday, after some mental preparation (including reading the New Testament), I walked into a Church. I immediately felt right at home (something I learned later is a common feeling among returnees!).

The following Sunday, I went back and sought out the priest before Mass and made a sincere confession of as many sins as I could remember (I no doubt forgot many of them in 22 years, but some were so repeated that I could say “and many sins of …”). The priest was very kind, welcomed me home and said “don’t wait so long next time!”.

As a side note, I disappointed a couple of evangelical friends who were trying actively to recruit me before my reconversion. Sadly for them, when I read the N.T., it simply didn’t jive with what they were telling me. Whatever it was, I found a tighter correspondence between Catholicism and Evangelicalism when I read the N.T., and there was never any doubt in my mind after finishing the N.T. that I would return to Catholicism.

JL: I would say all you need is confession, welcome home I will pray for you.

JL: Great testimony I enjoyed reading it very much, thanks for posting it.:thumbsup:

As others have said, confession is the key.

But something else you might want to think about is how you can be more tied to the Church in the future.

Some people find it easier to return to the practice of their faith along with a group and many parishes accommodate that by having programs like Landings or Catholics Come Home. If you would find it helpful to have a chance to talk with others as you re-enter the Church you might ask if your parish has a program like this.

Even if you don’t need others for coming back, you might want to think about what will help you stay in the future. Something I find very important is having connections in the parish and it’s something I strongly urge my RCIA folks to explore. If you participate in some kind of ministry or group, then in part you have people who are relying on you to be there and in part you establish friendships with other people in the parish. I also think it’s important to give something to the parish or larger community in the form of service.

Prayers and best wishes for your return.

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