Returning to the Sacrament of Confession!


Someone close to me is going to Confession tomorrow for the first time in MANY years. The person is older and generally says, "What do I have to confess?" (as if seniors don't sin?!)

Anyhow, never stop praying for people who are away! :thumbsup:


This is wonderful. Praise God! You could always tell this person that confession is not just for horrible sins like murder of theft, one could confess, shortness of temper, a repeated bad habit like drinking too much, a lack of empathy, being judgmental or being mean. I'm sure seniors as well as all people, commit these smaller sins and going to confession for these smaller sins helps one to honestly examine their conscience and relationship with God and also to improve themselves. This is wonderful news!


Praise Him! I'm so happy for you and your friend:D


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