Returning to tradition


Do you think, in the future, the Church will move toward or away from her traditions? How and why?



Of which traditions do you speak specifically?



“traditions” (small t) will be adjusted to assure that “Traditions” (big T) are clearly articulated in the environment in which they exist. “Traditions” (big T) are true and will not change.


catholic traditions such as gregorian chant, polyphony, use of incense and all that great jazz.


I hope so, always been a jazz fan. :smiley: :wink:


I think the Church will take St. Paul’s advice, “examine all things, hold on to what is good”

My two cents.


You stole my line!! :smiley:

Ummmmm…I dunno!!! It’s hard to say definitively what the future holds, as far as the “incidental” stuff goes. This disclaimed, my best guess is that the Church is on a definite course back toward “tradition” (in the sense that you use the word) and this trend will not stop until we have seen a massive and vigorous renewal of faith in the Church… I think the course will be slow but very sure.

And thems my two cents.




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