Reunified with a cremated body


If I am cremated, how can my soul be reunited with my body after Jesus returns?


Not all bodies remain in-corrupt.
If God can make them whole again, He can do the same with ashes.
However, we are to keep dead bodies in a state that reflects that they will someday be made whole again. This is why the scattering of ashes is forbidden and cremation still requires belief in the Resurrection of our bodies.


I talked to a priest about this when my non Catholic family member went against my Catholic grandfather’s wishes, and had his cremated remains made into “nightlights” for his children. Horrific tale, but true.

The priest told me not to be concerned about my grandfather’s ability to be resurrected because God is just and merciful. He assured me that we don’t know God’s plan but to trust in His mercy. He told me to pray for my family member who perpetrated the crime.

My priest also said that we should trust God because many people lose their bodies in the process of dying. Some victims of 911 have very few remains left. This is just one of those things we don’t understand about God’s ways.


In the same way that the dust in the coffin can be reunited with the soul . By the power of the Holy Spirit .


This is one thing I have never worried about. Physical matter is nothing but energy vibrating at different rates. God created the physical universe with this energy. Our soul is not indelibly a part of this body. A new body can be generated with energy at time of His choosing.

Consider also this; Most every cell in our body is replaced at least once roughly every seven years. The body you and I are walking around in today is not the same one it was in 2012. So I feel it safe to say that the resurrection will have nothing to do with the particular cells that make up my physical existence on any given day.


Scripture teaches us that God created man from the dust of the earth, I figure he can repeat that feat…anything is possible with God.


And of course the vast majority of those who have ever lived have long since crumbled into dust, to say nothing of those lost at sea whose atoms have dispersed in the world’s oceans. Nothing is beyond the power of God.


So many kind and thoughtful responses! Thank you to everyone!


what about victims of murder whose bodies are destroyed by the killer…or people who through no fault of their own have their remains desecrated?


My understanding is your body in Heaven is in a most perfected state and our bodies, especially corpses are not in this perfected state. So even if you were buried and not cremated, your body is still not ready for reunification either way, because it’s dead. It needs to be perfected.

Think of people that were murdered by sadistic serial killers who mutilated their bodies - they aren’t incapable of reunification because of how they died. That would imply Jesus didn’t truly conquer death


God formed Adam from the dust of the ground. I don’t think God will have a problem forming your body from its ashes.


God created the universe from nothing. He can find the ashes.

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