Reunion of Christians: World ain't fully culpable yet!


Shouldn’t the world be given another chance now before it ends. I mean, isn’t the modern apostasy FORGIVABLE?

I think it is.

Why? Let me summarize the last 2000 years.

First Jews kill Christians, then pagans kill Christians. Then pagans kill Jews. Then for a brief period, Christians force pagans to convert.

Then Muslims kill Christians. Later Christians kill Muslims. Then Catholics kill heretics. And sometimes heretics fight back. Then most bishop become hypocrites, so like a third of Christendom tells bishops to go take a hike, then Catholics kill Protestants, and Protestants kill Catholics and then Protestants kill amongst themselves.

Is it any wonder people got sick of religion? I don’t think so.

Therefore, is the world so utterly unforgivable and incurable when it says it doesn’t need religion?

Therefore, shouldn’t God be able to restore them to faith?

First they say, we don’t need Peter. Then they say, neither do we need the other bishops. Then they say we don’t even need Scripture, finally they say we don’t even need religion at all.

So God says, OK, find out the hard way.

The world almost ends, because of the apostasy, and then they come back. They say, we need religion, we need Jesus and the Bible, we need Bishops, we need Peter. And if the peace lasts like a thousand years, then humanity might deserve to fry forever if they fall away again.

I mean, now, they have an excuse. But after the reconciliation of Christians and a glorious age of peace, they clearly won’t have an excuse.

This is why i find the Fundamentalists’, “Jesus is coming back soon” to be hard hearted.

I don’t think God is finished with the world.

Do any Catholics agree with me? Can I hear an Amen?


We do not know the day nor the hour. We are told that it is “very soon” and that “this generation shall not pass away”, but we’re told that by Jesus, who sees all time at once and all His followers as immortal already.

But we are told to pray, “Maranatha! Come, Lord Jesus!”

Now, we’re also told to try and save as many people as possible, so we shouldn’t be praying, “Come, Lord Jesus, and send all those bad guys to Hell while I look on from Heaven and laugh! Mwahaha!” I mean, that’s how you turn into a schismatical twit, like Tertullian.

However, if you sometimes see people getting a little frustrated by the injustices in the world and praying for the Lord to come on back and save us – well, heck, they’re in good company with the saints and martyrs of all times, there. We have a right to expect God to make things right at last. He is the just judge, the one who will uphold the rights of the poor, the orphan, the widow, and hear the cries of the martyrs.

But mostly, we should all be waiting in longing, hoping that the Bridegroom, our beloved brother and master, will hurry back so that the dead may rise and the feast may begin. That’s not a bad thing at all.

Trust your instincts and your love for souls, yes. Pray and work for conversions. But don’t assume that everybody who longs for Jesus’ coming is being cruel. The world will end in God’s good time, and Jesus commanded us to be ready and waiting for that.


I find your response cookie cutter, and ignoring exactly what i am asking.



Hi Spauline,

I want to agree. Being a revert to the Faith, I find I get deeply distressed over the state of the modern world. Things I used to so thouroughly enjoy now revolt me. Having been quite agnostic in my beliefs and casting myself as my lord and master for the better part of my life I can sympathize with how the world thinks.

However having learned the Truth and beauty of the Catholic Faith and come to realization that God is Love and all teaching of the Church reflects this Love, I cannot but help to desire some Divine intervention in the not so distant future. An intervention that makes this clear to those who still cast themselve’s as thier own lord and master that there is so much more.

I hope and pray for there to be a union of all Christians to the true Church and a time of peace and love here on earth.

I do not know what to believe. I’ve ruled out premillenialism because the Church teaches I should. As far as a postmillenialism, I can only hope and pray. From this perspective I can say “Amen”.


Dear Mijoy, thanks for responding. I’m not sure this is completely postmill, though. I used the word in ignorance: the attainment of reunion and restoration would not seem to occur gradually, but through the crisis of chastisement, and eventually, there will come another apostasy that is final.

If that can be called postmill, then fine.

God Bless you,


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