Reuters Admits Cropping Photos of Ship Clash, Denies Political Motive

Reuters Admits Cropping Photos of Ship Clash, Denies Political Motive

The British-based Reuters news agency has been stung for the second time by charges that it edited politically sensitive photos in a way that casts Israel in a bad light. But this time Reuters claims it wasn’t at fault.

The news agency reacted to questions raised by an American blogger who showed that Reuters’ photo service edited out knives and blood traces from pictures taken aboard the activist ship Mavi Marmara during a clash with Israeli commandos last week. Nine people were killed and scores were injured in the clash.
The pictures of the fight were released by IHH, the Turkish-based group that sponsored the six-ship fleet that tried to break Israel’s blockade of Gaza.

In one photo, an Israeli commando is shown lying on the deck of the ship, surrounded by activists. The uncut photo released by IHH shows the hand of an unidentified activist holding a knife. But in the Reuters photo, the hand is visible but the knife has been edited out.

The blog “Little Green Footballs” challenged Reuters’ editing of the photo.

“That’s a very interesting way to crop the photo. Most people would consider that knife an important part of the context. There was a huge controversy over whether the activists were armed. Cropping out a knife, in a picture showing a soldier who’s apparently been stabbed, seems like a very odd editorial decision. Unless someone was trying to hide it,” the blog stated.

In a second photo the unedited print issued by IHH showed blood along the ship’s railing and a hand holding a knife as an Israeli soldier lies on the deck. Both the blood and the knife were missing in the photo that Reuters released.
Reuters on Tuesday denied it intended to alter the political meanings of the photographs.

“The images in question were made available in Istanbul, and following normal editorial practice were prepared for dissemination which included cropping at the edges," the news agency said in a statement. “When we realized that a dagger was inadvertently cropped from the images, Reuters immediately moved the original set as well.”
Reuters has yet to respond to charges about the second photo.

This is the second time Reuters has been accused of manipulating photos. In 2006 a Reuters photographer, Adnan Hajj, doctored several photos of the destruction caused by Israel’s bombing of Beirut. In one he added smoke to a panoramic picture of South Beirut to make the damage look more severe than it was. In a second photo, he showed a woman whose home had supposedly been destroyed in the same raid, but an investigation revealed that the woman’s house had been destroyed prior to the Israeli strike.

Reuters later removed all of Hajj’s more than 900 photos from distribution and severed its relationship with him. A photo editor also was fired.

What happened on the Mavi Marmara and who was responsible for the killing and bloodshed on the ship is still a matter of debate. Activists charge that Israeli commandos fired first and provoked the skirmish. Israeli commandos say they were compelled to use deadly force after they were attacked by people on board the ship.


The libs got caught fabricating information.

tch, tch, tch!

I really don’t know why they bothered.

They utterly discredit themselves.

And for nothing, when there is an overabundance of evidence including pictorial evidence of the horrors the people of Gaza are living through.

As for the pictures from the ship - well, we’re still waiting for the confiscated media the Israelis removed to be made public.

I’m pretty sure the pictures the Israelis release/released won’t do THEM any dis-service.

Could be worse though - they could have forged passports, not pictures eh?


Wait …

Some free democratic law abiding country did that didn’t they!!

Reuters. Again?

Flat Fatima and other refugees escape from a US-built war machinery unleashed on Lebanon by Israel.

Antisemitism rears its ugly head at Reuters.

In the Office of Readings in the Liturgy of the Hours yesterday, there was a reading by St. Ignatius of Antioch, and one sentence from him says: “Christianity shows its greatness when it is hated by the world.” Well, the Jews are our spiritual older brothers and sisters, so I would say that Israel shows its greatness when it is hated by the world. All of the anti-Semites who make their terrible comments both here and elsewhere don’t realize that they are echoing the sentiments of people like Adolph Hitler, President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad of Iran, and other great Jewish haters. When Helen Thomas said the Jews need to “get the hell of Palestine” (she wouldn’t even use the word “Israel”, which shows how much she hates them), she was saying the exact same thing that Ahmadinejad said, a notorious Holocaust denier and anti-Semite said.

All of you who are so against Israel, stop and think why they are there, and remember who gave them that homeland 4000 years ago. Think about who you are really fighting.

Last week, the Israel Defence Force had to issue a retraction over an audio clip it had claimed was a conversation between Israeli naval officials and people on the Mavi Marmara, in which an activist told soldiers to “go back to Auschwitz”. The clip was carried by Israeli and international press, but today the army released a “clarification/correction”, explaining that it had edited the footage and that it was not clear who had made the comment.

Are you seriously suggesting that to oppose Israeli occupation, injustice inflicted on the Palestinians, war crimes, and illegal conduct is to fight against God?? :eek:

That would seem to suggest that God favors the suffering inflicted on the Palestinian people, who’s forefathers He would have walked amongst.

I find that hard to believe.

Even the Vatican has spoken out against the injustice

“Some fundamentalist Christian groups cite the Holy Scriptures to defend the political injustice imposed on the Palestinians, making even more delicate the position of Arab Christians,” the 40-page document says.

Accuracy, let alone truth, really takes a hit in this whole mess, from both sides but moreso by one, imo.

You quote a blog that says it was “forced” to “apologize” and “issue a retraction” for an “edited” clip it “claimed” of being a radio conversation between the IDF and the activists when it was not “clear who made the comment”, clearly implying Israel had doctored audio to grossly mislead people.
That was not exactly the case.

[LEFT]This transmission had originally cited the Mavi Marmara ship as being the source of these remarks, however, due to an open channel, the specific ship or ships in the “Freedom Flotilla” responding to the Israeli Navy could not be identified. During radio transmissions between Israeli Navy and the ships of the “Free Gaza” Flotilla on 31 May 2010, the Israeli Navy ship attempts to make contact with the ‘Defne Y’ on channel 1-6. Other ships from the flotilla respond on the channel, without identifying themselves. At some point during the radio exchange the Israeli Navy is told by one of the ships to “shut up, go back to Auschwitz” (2:05) and “don’t forget 9-11″ (5:42).

So to clarify: the audio was edited down to cut out periods of silence over the radio as well as incomprehensible comments so as to make it easier for people to listen to the exchange. We have now uploaded the entire segment of 5 minutes and 58 seconds in which the exchange took place and the comments were made.[/LEFT]


[LEFT]So in other words, the specific source in the flotilla cannot be identified, but it was in fact said. Your source insinuates it is a fraud. At minimum, it doesn’t present a balanced report on it.[/LEFT]

Anti-Semitism just like Anti-Catholicism is alive and well—the devil is doing his job.

People forget God told the Jews you are my chosen people and I AM your God.

They still are the Chosen people nothing is changed because God don’t change!!!

Thank God the United States supports Israel.

I completely agree with this.

And your sourse is an IDF blog. I’d suggest this wouldnt be a balanced report either.

Given no independent media has been released, only that released and heavily edited by the IDF, I’m less enclined to take at face value anything they release. They, after all, will have their own agenda, likewise the activists.

But given Israel is not beyond forging passports of innocent citizens of countries that are its friends and allies to commit murder, then it wont be beyond them to edit and falsify a radio transmission.

Im not saying they did.

Im saying it would not be an impossible thing to believe of them.

As to the comments themselves - regarless of how they came to be in a radio transmission, whether genuine or concocted, they are repulsive, offensive, disgusting, and idiotically moronic.

It is the MSM after all. That is what they do. the maufucautre news throug creative editing.

Not that they need to of course. The left-osphere as a whole self-edits the news that they believe to fit into their own warped worldview anyways.

While your source, on the other hand, would be *completely *unbiased.

From your source About Us page:
Members of the Advisory Board

Bashir Abu-Manneh
Bashir Abu-Manneh is a professor of English at Barnard College specializing in global literature, Palestinian and Israeli literature, Marxism, and postcolonialism. He is a Palestinian born in Haifa and is active in Middle Eastern affairs.
Mustafa Barghouthi
Mustafa Barghouthi is the Secretary General of Al-Mubadara (the Palestinian National Initiative), MP of Palestinian Parliament, and former information minister in the Palestinian National Unity Government. He was a candidate in the 2005 Palestinian presidential elections.
Anat Biletzki
Anat Biletzki is a professor of philosophy at Tel Aviv University, and an Israeli peace and human rights activist for many years. She was the chairperson of the board of B’Tselem – the Israeli Information Center for Human Rights in the Occupied Territories (2001-2006).
Noam Chomsky
Noam Chomsky is a linguist, philosopher, and a life-long anti-war and human rights activist with extensive involvement in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and the Occupation. He is a prolific author, and an Institute Professor emeritus at MIT.
Irene Gendzier
Irene Gendzier is a professor of political science at Boston University specializing in international political economy and Middle Eastern Studies. She is an activist and prolific author, writing about US foreign policy in the Middle East and problems of development.
Assaf Kfoury
Assaf Kfoury is a mathematician, computer scientist, and a professor of computer science at Boston University. An Arab American who grew up in Beirut and Cairo, he is a political activist, focused on the Middle East.
Rashid Khalidi
Rashid Khalidi is the Edward Said Professor of Modern Arab Studies at Columbia University. He is editor of the Journal of Palestine Studies and was an adviser to the Palestinian delegation to the Madrid and Washington Arab-Israeli peace negotiations. His most recent book is Sowing Crisis: American Dominance and the Cold War in the Middle East (2009).
Stephen R. Shalom
Stephen Shalom is a professor of political science at William Paterson University. He is a frequent lecturer and is the author of numerous publications, including extensive coverage of the Middle East.
Salim Tamari
Salim Tamari is the Director of the Institute of Jerusalem Studies, a professor of sociology at Birzeit University, and editor of Hawliyyat al Quds and the Jerusalem Quarterly. His most recent book is The Intimate Life of an Ottoman Soldier.
Howard Zinn
Howard Zinn was a historian, social critic, life-long civil-rights and anti-war activist, prolific author and lecturer. His best known work is “A People’s History of the United States.” He was a professor emeritus of political science at Boston University. Howard, our friend and teacher, was among the early members of the IOA Advisory Board. He passed away on 27 January 2010, leaving a formidable legacy.

A reasonable reply, but I think I may not have made my point clear enough.

I very much doubt it.

But as everyone on board had their cameras, film, mobile phones etc confiscated we won’t get to see any eye witness account.

Would the Israelis release anything that would cause questions to be raised about their conduct? Of course not.

Or would they release anything that is going to contradict their version of events - of course not.

What’s indisputable is 9 people lost their lives trying to being aid to the suffering people of Gaza.

the intent of this trip was very obviously not to help the people in Gaza. Had the flotilla organizers really wanted to get stuff to Gaza, they would have worked with the Israelis or Egyptians to get it to them.

There were weapons on board the ship. OK, we can think that the chain lengths and knives and tool handles were gathered up before the boarding, but what about the sling-shots? They do not have a legitimate use on board an ocean liner. This was very obviously a set-up on the part of the organizers; the Israelis boarded the other ship with no problems, but they boarded this ship with a plan to use no firearms, only paintball guns, and in 20 minutes the situation had deteriorated to the point, what with one soldier being stabbed on his way down and all, that they received permission to use the firearms.

So, yeah, i think it is totally disputable that they were trying to help the people in Gaza.

Not to mention, there are many organizations that give aid through proper channels like the Red Crescent and UNWRA.

The UAE sent 700 tons of aid through the evil oppressors in Egypt (who also have a blockade), just a week before.

And don’t you think the Turks, the closest thing to a friend Israel has (or, more likely now, had) in the Islamic world, tried to do so? That they didn’t inspect the ships from top to bottom before departure? And that the Israelis still made it clear that none of the cargo would make it to Gaza?

[quote=St Francis]There were weapons on board the ship. OK, we can think that the chain lengths and knives and tool handles were gathered up before the boarding,

There was nothing on those ships (chain links, axes, etc.) that cannot normally be found on any ship. Not even the IDF has produced the camouflaged stockpile of weapons allegedly on board.

[quote=St Francis] but what about the sling-shots?

Sling shots. I can only imagine what Hamas could do with those sling shots…

[quote=St Francis] This was very obviously a set-up on the part of the organizers; the Israelis boarded the other ship with no problems, but they boarded this ship with a plan to use no firearms, only paintball guns, and in 20 minutes the situation had deteriorated to the point, what with one soldier being stabbed on his way down and all, that they received permission to use the firearms.

So, yeah, i think it is totally disputable that they were trying to help the people in Gaza.

I see. It’s the well-armed Israeli soldiers who were the real victims here. All eyewitness accounts so far released have claimed that the soldiers were firing live ammo well before boarding the ship.

This is just what I’m talking about. Israel is a small country, slightly smaller than New Jersey, with a population of approx. 7.3 million people, less than the population of New York City, which has 8 million people. The reason the Jews established this nation in 1948 is because they had been almost exterminated in WWII, and they wanted their own country. Britain had committed to a Jewish nation back in 1917 with the Balfour Declaration. They finally made good on it after WWII.

Israel is surrounded by Arab countries which are many, many, many times larger with a population of over 348 million (the Arab League). Israel has never made any offensive threats against any other country. They wish only to live in peace. But every Arab country surrounding them would like nothing more than to literally wipe Israel off the map and have declared repeatedly that they want to destroy Israel, even “non-countries” such as Hamas in the Gaza, and we certainly can’t forget the late, great Arafat. You talk about “Israeli occupation, injustice inflicted on the Palestinians, war crimes, and illegal conduct.” Any conduct engaged in by the Israelis is in defense and as a means of survival. Hamas is, or was until recently, constantly lobbying rockets into Israel. The Israelis were being bombed on city buses, restaurants, at their own weddings.

Think of it this way - what if Canada and/or Mexico were committed to the destruction of the United States and constantly attacking us and threatening to wipe us out? How do you think the USA would react? Do you think it would be any different than what we see in Israel? And yet Israel is constantly condemned by the rest of the world, and that would seem to include you.

You don’t list your religious beliefs, but I’ll state this anyway. The Jews were the people through whom we received the written Word of God - the Bible, and through whom we received the Divine Word of God - Jesus Christ. As Catholics, we look at them as our spiritual older brothers and sisters, and feel a very close spiritual kinship with them. As Catholics, we also believe we live in a fallen world that is in a constant state of warfare with the devil who hates God and hates man and wants to destroy us. First and foremost, the devil wants to destroy the Catholic Church because the fullness of the Gospel and the salvation of mankind is given to the world through the church. Secondly, the devil wants to destroy the Jews because, as stated, the written and Divine Word of God came through them.

That’s why I say, think about who you are fighting.

That’s quite a source you used: “Israeli Occupation Archive.” Really unbiased, isn’t it? When you can find a more unbiased source, get back to me and I’ll answer it.

Sources, please, for your statements.

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