Rev: Bob Larson: Televangelist and Exorcist

Rev. Bob Larson has become well known for practicing public exorcisms on his television programs. You can pay for a one-on-one exorcism via Skype. And he also offers a pricey school of exorcism for people as young as 17.

Clearly, he is not following the Catholic Church’s teaching on exorcism. I think he’s stirring up fear.

OML, is this guy still around? I remember him years ago on a local christian radio station back in Pittsburgh, I think he was national, not local. He was doing phone-in exorcisms or something. He was nuts then, I’m sure time hasn’t made him any better. I thought there was some kind of scandal around him. I’ll have to look it up to refresh my memory.

Okay, NOW I remember this guy.
He had a radio show back in the eighties aimed at teen-agers and doing on-air exorcisms.
When a sex scandal arose, he claimed, (you can’t make this stuff up). it was a demonic “double” impersonating him.
This has all the elements of a Monty Python skit.

He isn’t Catholic and he is very controversial in Protestant circles. I remember his show on the radio “talk back with Bob Larson”. he did a lot of work on cults and the occult which is what probably led him into his current adventures. Catholics shouldn’t be watching or going to his stuff. I am not sure why you are encouraging this. I think now his daughter works with him on exorcisms. I remember his radio show becoming extreme in the way he asked for donations and money. It was very in your face and this it lead to the dismise of the radio show. This was in the 80’s and I was going to indepedent Charismatic churches at the time.

I certainly am not encouraging his work. God forbid! I saw a segment about him on Anderson Cooper, so I did a research. I was appalled. I said in my earlier post: “Clearly, he is not following the Catholic Church’s teaching on exorcism. I think he’s stirring up fear.” I also identified him as a televangelist on my title. And I thought that really made it clear that he is not Catholic.

I included the links because I wanted people to know what I am talking about. I certainly do not support his fear-mongering. I do think it is wise to know what’s going on out there. And I wanted to know what other’s think. And let’s face it. Sadly, if somebody is on CNN, he’s going to create interest. I would NEVER go to one of his programs. Thanks for your input.

Thanks for the clarification. Before becoming Catholic in the 80’s I did listen to his radio show quite avidly. He was appealing at the time because he took on a number of issues and had a pit bull type appeal. I bought a couple of his books on the cult “Bob Larson’s book of cults”. I think I began to be turned off due to his constant appeal for money and his rather nasty way of doing so. He did at that time speak out very clearly against abortions and even artificial use of a number of contraceptives. I remember the show where he took on use of sperm donors in order for couples to have babies. Not many Protestants spoke out like that. I forgot about him till I saw a show on his daughters doing exorcisms. I think his appeal for most Catholics is not going to be very high do to his manner and extremism. I appreciate your clarification. Re reading about him brought up old memories and made me realize how glad I am to be Catholics and the protection the Catholic Church gives against “ministries” like this.

Good morning,

Yes, I remember this guy on the radio, back in the 90’s. He is still active as ever, and even has a website. His residence was in Scottsdale, AZ, but on his website the contact address is now in CO.

I remember how he would ‘aggressively plead’ to his listeners for ‘financial assistance.’

‘I Need Your Help! I Need Your Money!’

There is also a popular Catholic news website that is advertising his books for sale.

I see so many Catholics (and other Christians) who are concerned about demonic oppression and possession. I hope and pray that they don’t fall for a dangerous charlatan like Larson. May God bring about his conversion.

I try to not speak disparaging of others ministries…but the man is a huckster and a charlatan…plain and simple.

I hope I didn’t sound overly harsh.

I remember him on radio, we used to have fun with his silliness when I was in college working in the restaurant. For those who are susceptible he is very dangerous

Would you, by chance, be able to provide a link about the “demon double” ? I was having a debate with a fellow Christian friend the other day about him.

I have to go work soon, I’ll look it up later. Try Googleing Bob Larson.

Yeah I did, just couldn’t find anything about him claiming a demon double. You don’t gotta dig or anything. I just thought maybe you knew where to locate it.

No digging involved my friend. Here’s a couple, not exactly ‘news’ sites:

He does have a website, but it’s just too bizarre to link. No sense giving him free publicity.

Thanks! Ill have to dig more on that longer one but I still don’t see it, I was just looking for something specifically mentioning his claims of a “demon double.” I mean I know Wikipedia and stuff. I can’t believe I cannot get my friend to see through this guy. He feels he is legit. Bob has done his homework on the topic. I’ve read a number of books on demonology and exorcism, including a couple by the late great exorcist Dr Father Malachi Martin, and when Bob speaks about exorcism, a lot of what he says is true.

But the exorcisms he performs are a sideshow circus. None of the real exorcists whom Ive read of are capable of successfully exorcising everybody in 10 minutes. There are also, on occasion, paranormal events such as levitation, or the victim will suddenly become fluent in a number of languages of which they were previously unaware, which occur during these rites. Of course we don’t see any of this with larsons shows though. I watched one the other day where he said he was exorcising a demon who entered this mans bloodline through his Aztec ancestors 8,000 generations ago. The problem with this is that the Aztec empire started roughly 1,600 years ago. Yet somehow 8,000 generations have passed through those 1,600 years. And notice the number, 8,000. nice and neat. Not 7,345 or something, 8,000. One could pick apart his videos for hours on end and notice how fake they are. Its incredible to me that people go for this stuff.

Merely to summarise your own reports -

  • simony
  • imposing on the vulnerable
  • acting without the discernment of any church
  • acting without the authority of any church
  • acting outside the confidential or relatively confidential atmosphere of any church
  • denial of involvement in wrongdoing reported or documented at the time, inventing nonsense
  • as to generations a thing may linger 4 generations and may re-enter lives if a pattern of reactions is entrenched but that’s all very prosaic. The point of figures in the 000s is to make him look important, distracting from all the colossal objections


Bob is confronted here on a talk show by the host himself and a couple of hostile ministers

Thanks to JustaServant and St Redemption for their added information about Larson.

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