Rev. Dr. George Rutler


Does anyone else watch him? I was not surprised that he was a former Episcopalian. I really enjoy watching him on EWTN and he provides a good explanation of Catholic Faith (philosophy). It is solidly biblically based. Outstanding.

Rev Dr. Rutler, Rev. Dr Corapi, Rev. Dr. Pacwa are excellent expositors of Catholic faith! Add in some Archbishop Sheen and EWTN should be watched by non Catholics for a solid education, and biblically based spiritual enlightenment. For Christian apologetics it beats the heck out of the 700 Club and TBN.



I agree. I don’t get the opportunity to watch the television very often, but since EWTN radio is also available via Sirius, I’ve been an avid listener. Father Corapi is at the top of my list for speakers I enjoy the most. That’s not to say that I don’t enjoy Father Pacwa or the other individuals who can be listened to on EWTN. They’re all great! :thumbsup:


love him, love him, love him, did I mention I love him. :smiley: He is the best period.


The Rev Dr. Rutler should be on the committee negotiating with the TAC.

That should inspire them.



I love listening to Dr. Rutler. He is so clear and concise and obviously believes what the Church teaches.


He was the Pastor of my commuter Parish back in the day when I would attend daily Mass, he was also my confessor. He was obviously very smart, very steeped in history, and had that stiff British upper lip. I liked him but he seemd a bit unapproachable to me.


Not to me. Some years ago we were graced to have Fr. Rutler celebrate TLM at our parish. I found him to be warm and gracious, a man of God with a true priestly heart.


Is he the priest that has the show “Christ in the City.” It’s very good. :thumbsup: He has a gentle and mild, yet commanding speaking style.


I think this is an “you had to be there” moment, but I was listening to Fr. Groeshel one evening and he was talking about how people always mix him up with fellow friar, Fr. Apostale. Father Apostale said, “Remember that time at the airport though, when someone thought you were Father Rutler?” Fr.G chuckled and said, Yes, when I told Fr. Rutler, I think it took him a week to get over it!". He was laughing the whole time he was telling the story but you had to know both of them to get why it was so funny. Fr. Groechel is so down to earth, very “Jersey” as he puts it, in patched robes and beard and Fr. Rutler is so prim and proper and neatly attired, although just as devout.


That was great thank you!



Fr Rutler was a guest twice on this EWTN series about Newman-- Cardinal Newman at 2000 with Fr. C. John McCloskey, III, STD.
You can listen to all 13 episodes here:

This was a great series. Fr Rutler was a guest on episode #10 The Oxford Movement and #11 Newman as Preacher.


Thanks for the link!



When is Rev. Dr. Rutler on? I have never seen his program, but it sounds like a program that I would enjoy.


His show is called “Christ in the City,” and it’s on at 11 p.m. on Tuesday.

Here’s the EWTN program schedule:


Thank you very much! :slight_smile: Do you know if the show is available as a podcast to listen to if I cannot watch it?


Fans of Fr. Rutler may enjoy this: Via


No, I don’t think “Christ in the City” is one of the shows available on podcast. These are the shows EWTN has available on podcast:

“Christ in the City” episodes are archived and available to download, but they are not MP3 files (they are RealAudio files). It is possible to convert RealAudio files to MP3 files, and if you would like to know how to do this, PM me.

You can download the series (in RealAudio format) here:


Thanks for the links. :slight_smile: I did send you a PM.


I agree fully. He is very smart.

Anyone hear about his confrontation with Christopher Hitchens?


I linked to it above - post 16.

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