Rev. Stephen L. Testa's list of Heresies

Church Militant, I know you had put together a refutation to the list by Rev. Stephen L. Testa about the supposed heresies that the Catholic Church started. Could you post the link to that again.


You might be referring to this thread.

Of course, it is utter nonsense to suppose that 75% of the rites and ceremonies of the Catholic Church are of pagan origin, when we know for sure that 100% of the rites and ceremonies of the Catholic Church are of pagan origin. Heck, the Jewish Church is of pagan origin (Moses was a pagan. Noah was a pagan). No matter what you are, if you go back far enough, you will find a pagan that got everything started.

All of humanity is of pagan origin because all of humanity was once pagan. YOU are of pagan origin. Everyone is.

Adam wasn’t a pagan.

Here’s one:


If you go back far enough, everything has its origin in God. The rites of the Catholic Church have their origin in Jesus, who (incidentally) wasn’t of “pagan origin.”


A “pagan” is commonly defined as an idol worshipper, polytheist, or generally a person without the virtue of faith. The folks you listed were worshiping the one God and believed his revelation. They had faith. They were not pagans.

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