Revealed: Woman who scaled Statue of Liberty is a Congolese immigrant


This is why it isn’t just illegal immigration that is the problem. Most legal immigration needs to be stopped as well. They don’t actually vet people.

In 2003, she unsuccessfully filed a wrongful-termination lawsuit, claiming racial discrimination after she was fired from a battered woman’s home… Four years later, she unsuccessfully filed a human rights complaint against a group home in Staten Island for racial discrimination.

I thought America was a horribly racist country. Apparently she agrees. But the question is why did she come here if it is so racist? Apparently she didn’t think it was all that bad. However as soon as she got here she decided the way to get ahead was making money off of racial discrimination claims. I can’t blame her. It is a good racket.


Thanks for you candor. I am curious if others here share this view?


What this woman did was seriously wrong, for she endangered the lives of the officers who went up there to get her. I don’t understand how she got that far before someone had seen her. If she is indeed trying to make a name or trying to get money by filing these claims, she is very wrong…I cannot say what is in this woman’s head, she is speaking out poorly for what she says she is representing. As far as America being a " horribly racist country "…I do not agree, yes we can go back and find that at one time things were bad. America, and by that I mean the every day people have come a long way and we will not take steps backward. and be judged by what a minority of the people are doing No, legal immigration should not be stopped. We all need to look to our hearts and then turn them to Jesus.God bless you.:butterfly:


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Legal immigration is certainly a good. It is also somewhat necessary considering the low fertility rate and the fact that we kill our own children. The US is is well below a proper replacement rate.


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Not necessarily, but we should be wary of people gaming the system.


That sort of thing really bothers me.

On the one hand, some immigrants say "we hate this country . . . " yet we have the most generous immigration policies in the world.

Immigration is a privilege, not a right. Anyone who is permitted to come to the U.S. should say “thank you.”


I am happy to see immigrants participate in the process of making this country greater. Why shouldn’t they?
My grandfather immigrated to this country, but also supported lawful efforts to improve safety, and fair pay in the coal mines.


Apologies; I probably overgeneralized her comment.

I don’t like just general America-bashing, but to the extent there’s actual racism in the U.S., of course as a Catholic I don’t support it and agree with an immigrant’s right to speak out against it.


I agree with you completely.


You mentioned most legal immigration needs to be stopped.

Do you recommend new standards or critical for who will be allowed to immigrate into the country?


I don’t recommend any particular criteria. I would like it mostly stopped for a decade or two so as to assimilate the people we already have. Not allowing relatives of recent immigrants to migrate would help those people to better assimilate.


Spouses? Minor children? Relative of those who came under rules that allowed spouses and minor children?


I’m curious, @exnihilo – what’s your family’s history in the US?


If all illegal immigrants are murders and rapists, and are stealingng your jobs, I’m wondering what your profession is; and if all legal immigrants come from _____hole countries, unless your are a native American, what does that say about the homeland of your forefathers?


I think it was a terrible thing for her to do.

Someone mentioned the rescuers risking their lives, although I’m thinking that hopefully they were experts in climbing.

But SHE could have fallen and been killed or horribly injured. How would this haunt those who witnessed her fall, especially the rescuers? Or any people who either worked at the Statue, or perhaps tourists that happened to witness the fall? I saw a lady fall off a trapeze at a circus once, and I’ll never attend another circus. It still makes my stomach hurt.

And think of all the tourist who were so happy to be at the Statue of Liberty on the 4th of July, and then had to be ferried away. How sad.

It was just an all-around selfish thing to do. I think if she wants to help immigrants, she should get a job or two and use as much of the wages as she can spare to attend school (college, if she’s qualified), and learn everything about U.S. history and politics, and then become a lobbyist or a Congressional aide, or perhaps even run for office herself someday. Or she could become a social worker and get directly involved with helping immigrants, or a teacher who educates others about immigration.

If for some reason she can’t do stuff like this, she could just write letters and send emails to her Congresspeople and to the President, and continue to present the case for changing the way immigration is handled in the U.S.


Why on earth would someone think this.


Someone doing something stupid for a stupid protest has nothing to do with immigration. No immigration system will ensure that we get 100% perfect immigrants 100% of the time, and if we stop immigration there will be plenty of home-grown people to pull off stupid stunts like this one.

A few years ago in Montreal a man did something similar to protest the raw deal he felt men got in divorce. He scaled the Jacques-Cartier bridge during rush hour. Montreal, being an island, depends on 5 bridges and a tunnel to get into the city from the South Shore and a bunch more from the North. He totally paralyzed rush hour as they had to close the bridge and divert traffic to other bridges while the police tried to talk him down.

He was a white, old-stock Quebecer. You don’t have to be an immigrant to do something stupid.

When I hear anti-immigration rhetoric, I figure it’s no wonder legal immigrants find it hard to integrate into N. American society sometimes.

That likely would create a demographic black hole due to N. America’s very low birth rate. Actuarially, it could even impinge on the ability to fund your future retirement income.


I just read the article on CBS …did anyone else notice the T shirt she was wearing…emblazoned across the front…“WHITE SUPREMACY IS TERRORISM”…then what is she doing here

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