Revelation 18:12 iron and bronze


In revelation 18:12-13 a list of luxuries and basics that the whore of babylon has, 18:12 covers mostly luxuries, I was lead to believe that the whore of babylon was ancient pagan Rome, what confuses me is that while iron and bronze were very important metals in ancient Rome they weren’t very costly, so why are they mentioned in revelation 18 12 among other luxurious items


I just realized I accidentally put this topic in the wrong section it was supposed to be in sacred scripture


Don’t overthink it. It’s just a list of items bought and sold in trade. It doesn’t have to have special meaning.


Well I mean you are right kind of it is ultimately a list of random items (though all the items are placed in specific categories) but there has tone be a reason why iron and bronze are in the same category as ivory, marble and costly wood


Can anyone else help


Thats what I’m saying iron and bronze were inexpensive metals yet they’re listed with luxury items, the question I’m asking is why


I don’t know


I know revelation 18 is about the destruction of babylon and how the world reacts to it, but that’s not what I’m asking about, im asking what two unvaluable metals are on a list of luxuries


Iron and Bronze could refer to metals used to make weapons of war, as in the day of God they will not be needed.


No that still doesn’t make sense all the items in revelation 18:12 are luxury items


They’re items that create wealth and worldly passions. Weapons follow in that trend.


Mostly it’s because it’s a piece of verse.

Gomon chrysou kai argyrou,
kai lithou timiou,
kai margariton, kai byssinou,
kai porphyras, kai sirikou,
kai kokkinou,

kai pan xylon thuinon,
kai pan skeuos elephantinon,

kai pan skeuos
ek xylou timiotatou,
kai chalkou,
kai siderou,
kai marmarou,

kai cinnamomum,
kai amomum,
kai thymiamata,

kai thyron,
kai libanon,
kai oinon,
kai elaion,
kai semidalin,
kai siton,
kai krene, kai probata,

kai hippon,
kai rhedon,
kai somaton,
kai psychas anthropon.

Ending with the idea that the souls of human beings, or the lifebreath of human beings, are being bought and sold as cargo – it’s really stunning and powerful. Our translations are missing out on that poetry.

That said, art objects made of iron and bronze were valuable. Bronze statues were much more highly prized than marble ones, and the few bronze statues that survived from antiquity until today are really spectacular.

Also, a lot of these items are mentioned in the description of Tyre’s trade, in Ezekiel 27-28. So it’s a verse remix… and that lament for Tyre was in the form of poetry, also.


In context, it’s talking about items made of bronze or iron, which could be quite valuable, as others have said. Statues, weapons, armor, chariots, ornaments, etc. The merchants are bewailing the loss of all their cargo, from wine and flour, to cattle, and even human slaves.

Even if it was talking about quantities of raw bronze and iron, along with the ivory, marble, and more costly materials, merchants often make a very good living from selling the more common or cheaper materials, since there is a high demand for them. I’m assuming there was a high demand for bronze and iron in this context, particularly for items made from those materials.

But the essential point is the people who mourn the loss of their riches without giving any thought to the riches in Christ.


Where is it listed that only valuables are trashed?
Think about the mining,transformation and transportation of those metals.
@mintaka the authors I just read suggest today we don’t really have the understanding of the concepts or the language of Revelation, where those living when it was written would have been readily identified with its concepts.


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