Revelation 3:16 - could I get some insight into this passage?

**Does it mean that if we are in a state of grace without mortal sin, but lukewarm - we would be rejected and sent to hell regardless?

Or that God would gradually withdraw His Grace from us, and eventually we are going to fall into mortal sin?** :confused:

’‘So, because you are lukewarm, and neither cold nor hot, I will spew you out of my mouth.’'

Here is one source:

Being “lukewarm” is not being in a state of grace. It’s not sinning any notable and impressive mortal sins, and therefore thinking one is doing okay, because one is not seeing that nasty little mortal sins are also bad. You probably know people who think that as long as they’re not killing anyone, they couldn’t possibly be really sinning. It could also be a matter of sins of omission, when you know perfectly well that you should be helping someone who is close and in dire need, but you can’t be bothered to love or hate that person enough to do anything.

Very helpful, thanks.

God wants us in our entirety. Sometimes we look for ways to quantify the amount of devotion and commitment we are required to give, so as to avoid trouble.
While it’s good to avoid things like mortal sin for sure, mere avoidance is not the fulfillment of our beatitude.

I think in lukewarmness we ask “how much am I required to do or give”, when the question is a non-starter because God asks us for just as much as he gives us. Everything.

I’m not sure that someone who was genuinely “lukewarm” would remain in the state of grace, as they would not care enough to do so.

You may have heard it said that great saints and great sinners are much alike. Both require effort and dedication. Lukewarmth is the opposite, someone who has neither the heat to seek Heavenly life nor the coldness to cringe from it, but only to “assume room temperature.”


The second half of next Sundays Gospel (luke 17:7-10) might be applicable and helpful to OP’s question.

St Paul comes to mind.

Luke-warmness is not so much an indifference, but a self-assuredness. A self-confidence in our own security, our own wealth, our own righteousness, our own wisdom.

But Jesus Christ is right there waiting to give them what they truly need.

In my own experience of people who are on the fence about an issue, it is very tedious to convince them one way are another because the bottom line is, they really don’t care.

But a person taking a stand on an issue, at least he is interested and there is a chance of changing his position with sound logic.

So I see in this passage as saying, “there is a chance for you if you take a position rather than not caring at all and eliminating yourself from ever finding out the truth.”

Psalm 26
When You said, “Seek My face”, my heart said to You, “Your face, LORD,I will seek."

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