Revelation, La Salette, and ISIS


I could be wrong about this, as I know End Times speculations are as old as the hills.
But, remembering that Babylon is modern-day Iraq, and Iraq is now part of ISIS. ISIS also has plans to attack, even conquer, the Vatican. In the visions at La Salette, Mary sold the seer that “Rome will lose the faith and become the seat of the antichrist”. The Book of Revelation speaks of the “Whore of Babylon”, and the Seven hills. Could all this be consistent?

I pray that I am wrong.



could you tell me the where Our Lady of La Salette said those words and to who?

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Part of the purported Secret of LaSalette was in fact added in 1879; the added materials are not approved by the Church; be careful!

Edit: On further research, the ‘seat of Antichrist’ reference is, in fact, part of the condemned material added to La Salette in 1879; as such, ignore it.



Within freemason literature, it has been claimed that Rome will become the seat of the antichrist for decades. This is an excerpt from the book ‘Dressing with Dignity’ by Colleen Hammond;
'Also in 1917, the young St. Maximilian Kolbe was witnessing the 200th anniversary celebrations of Freemasonry in Rome. The celebrations featured banners depicting St. Michael being trodden underfoot by Satan and slogans such as “Satan will rule on Vatican Hill, and the Pope will serve as his errand boy.” (Taken from the book Freemasonry: Mankind’s Hidden Enemy, by Brother Charles Madden O.F.M.)
Whilst we always need to exercise caution, we may do well to remember that much of the previously forbidden literature (such as St. Faustina’s Diary) were approved many decades later. Also, at the time of the major apparition in Fatima, the majority of priests and Church hierarchy had condemned the movement. If the witnesses to the great miracle had been obedient to the Church at the time, none of them would have been there to witness it.
I am not saying people should practice disobedience, and no doubt the church has good intentions when it rejects revelation it either cannot prove nor disprove, or believes may cause undesired alarm or division amongst beleivers. Just trying to add some perspective to the situation. It’s a little odd to approve part of a said visionaries apparition, but reject other parts, if you ask me - but I understand why it may be, nonetheless.


An excellent book to read about private revelation is:

“A Still Small Voice” by Father Benedict Groeschel.

It is always wise to obey the Church,

Read the commentary on the book.


It was unfortunate that later writings claiming to be of the La Salette apparitions were not authentic yet still propagated. It was also said Melanie Calvat had some difficult years as a result.

Yet on the general topic, there appears continuity between La Salette, Fatima and Akita.

First, and most importantly, all three obtained ecclesiastical approval from the competent authority that the event(s) had a supernatural character and did not contradict the content of the deposit of faith.

The one theme that kept reappearing; God’s unfathomable power expressed in a simple perfect desire of God for people to repent and convert. Another theme consistently expressed is man not hearing God and orientating towards loss of faith, great disorders, and persecution of religious. (What we bring on ourselves).

I’ve read a fair amount surrounding Fatima and the supernatural character appears remarkable and the symbolisms surrounding the events are rich. It was a real gift for promoting a prayer life.

Yet, given what humanity suffered through during the great World Wars (and the evils produced) and the direction nations remain – they seem unconvinced in the the voice of Providence. We know from revelation and the doctrine of Hell and final damnation that God will allow us to have it our way.


According some of the Church Fathers, the Antichrist which Paul speaks of in 2 Thessalonians could either sit in the Jewish Temple in Jerusalem or as you mentioned in Rome. I personally lean towards Jerusalem. It is a horrifying thought that he would take over the Vatican, but with the kind of force he will rule with in the end times would make it possible.

As for ISIS, if not then just like many other figures in the past, they may not be literally what has been prophesied, but rather a type of what is to come. Who knows, it could be another 2000 years.


I must share that I was a teenager when I learned about Our Lady of Fatima, and our parish had the Five First Saturday Devotions. To that I attribute my coming into a deeper understanding and love of our faith, and how important it is to pray. The Rosary is a lifeline!..and leads to deeper prayer.


Yes. The Rosary is a remarkable devotion (as well as the Five First Saturday Devotion). My first encounter with the Rosary came in my youth from my parents. I prayed it much as a child but unfortunately that weaned away with a lot of my practices of the faith in my late teens and early 20s.

I’ll share that in some quite turbulent years of my life my mother asked me to carry a green scapular; which I was unfamiliar with…but I did to respect her insisting wish. It wasn’t until years later; after I had a notable turn around in my life and a strong desire to attend Mass and to pray (and seeking out devotions) – did I learn of this devotion. I am convinced the faith and prayers of my parents and the intercession of the Blessed Virgin was instrumental in me turning back toward God and truly accepting God and the faith.

If one wishes to draw a great good from any of these apparitions it is to that we need to learn to pray.



The same here. I don’t do Five First Saturdays anymore, but devotion to Our Lady of Fatima helped me fall in love with Mary and the rosary.

Yet now I find myself averse to Fatima devotees, especially the likes of America Needs Fatima and TFP (Society for Preservation of Tradition, Family, and Property). They seemed so bleak and always saw the bad in everything; it felt like I was associating with a doomsday cult. And then there was the film The 13th Day, a dark and scary movie with terrible acting.


In the Old Testament Jerusalem is continually called a whore and a prostitute.

Jerusalem is this city.

ISIS is not the antichrist.


I haven’t looked in detail as yet the Blue Army site. I should check it out. The Blue Army is the apostolate for our Lady of Fatima. (unlike Father Gruner who is in disobedience.) Sigh…we all need prayers…may our Blessed Mother lead us.

Though the other groups you mentioned may have good intentions and are dedicated, I agree that a different tone may help.


Yes! Private revelation can certainly inspire us to pray.


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