Revelation theory

Ok guys, I’m not sure if apologetics is the right place to put this, but I’ll give it a go.

For starters we know revelation is all about the end of times and the second coming of the lord Jesus Christ. We know also, that there will be a battle between Gods people and enemies of God.

So, in revelation 11:9 we see that the ark of the covenant was revealed in heaven and right after that, in chapter 12 appears the woman clothed with the sun. Since there were no chapter separations until much later in christian history, the verses about the ark would be directly followed by the woman clothed with the sun. Also on another note, we see the typology between various verses of the old testement and Luke’s gospel about Mary and the ark are quite obvious to a Catholic or simply unbiased eye.

Now back to the battle part.
We know the ark was brought when the Israelites were fighting and that through God, it helped them win battles. So, we see Mary being compared to the ark and then a woman who gives birth to a king appear after the ark in revelation.

So, will Mary be the ark and join faithful Christians during the battle between good and evil?

PS: if the woman in revelation is Mary, what do the twelve star symbolize pertaining to her?

Thanks for reading, and I apologize if this is not the correct forum to post this in.

How do we know this? Much of Revelation was written for the short time after it was written, indeed the things were going to happen quickly.

Might I suggest Jimmy Akin’s DVD Understanding Revelation. I haven’t seen it myself because postage to my remote and shaky country almost costs more than the item itself.


Some have respelled that to Trump/Pence.

[P.S. God does have a sense of humor. Explains the platypus.]

Thank you, I’ll check out the link. I guess I meant to say that revelation deals with the end times.

Wow that’s actually kind of interesting and yes, God certainly has a sense of humor. Look up a tarsier haha.

The book of Revelation is very layered and does not necessarily point to future things only. It also points to past things, current things, things that never have and never will happen, and things that happen during mass.

The woman is layered also. Yes she is Mary, obviously, but she is also symbolic of the people Israel. She is also the Holy Catholic Church. The twelve stars could be the twelve tribes, and also the twelve apostles.

And she already has joined us in battle, and is currently battling for us from heaven. We don’t have to wait for her and Jesus to join us, we have to jump into the fray right now and join THEM.

Maybe the best way to go about it is seeing if and how Revelations lines up with other things we know to be about the end times, like Thessalonians, Daniel, etc? Maybe that can let us know what revelations is speaking of end times and when its speaking of something else?

Indeed, revelation is a very hard book to understand.

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