The sermon at today’s service was about the five smooth stones and five jagged rocks of liberal theology.

Basically, it was about five tenets of liberal religion that are easy to hold onto, and five that are more difficult.

Among the easy things was that revelation is ongoing. In other words, the divine, or God, is still speaking to us.

One of the difficult things is that salvation is here, in this life. This is difficult for UUs because the term salvation implies the need to be saved, an idea most UUs reject.

In this case, though, the term was used more as a way of expressing the belief that what we do in this life is what matters, not placing all our hopes on an afterlife.

I know this may not mesh with trinitarian beliefs, but I was curious to see what those of other faiths think of these concepts.



Most faiths place an emphasis on what we do in this life.
The life of man…to know and love God.

Why does this not mesh with trinitarian beliefs?

Christians believe that Christ died (human and divine) to save us from our sins

Warandpeace, was that a response to my question?

Yes, in answer to your question. Belief in the Holy Trinity (God as Father, Son, and Holy Spirit) is widespread among Christians.

The idea that you have to redefine terms until you can make concepts palatable is disturbing.

If salvation is simply that what we do in life matters then you’re saying the basic Christian doctrine is that God became man, and died a brutal death, so that what we do matters.
That’s ridiculous.

The Catholic Church teaches that public revelation ceased with the advent of Jesus Christ, but the unfolding of understanding of that revelation is ongoing; we can always find ways to understand it more fully, and human life experiences/history, study, and seeking of truth can contribute to this, with the help of Gods continuing guidance. Private revelations do continue to occur, and, while sometimes helpful in adding to the Church’s understanding, they add nothing new to that which God revealed through Jesus Christ.

The resurrection is a core teaching in Christianity as it confirms in the human heart the hope of continued existence which eliminates the “sting of death”, the sense of futility that’s hard to avoid in a life that leads inexorably to death.

How can one be so sure that there has not been any other episodes of public revelation since Jesus Christ? and adds plenty “new” or rather “fulfills” the message of Jesus Christ.

This statement in the post above does not conform with reality.

Well, I’m not sure how tou can be so sure it doesn’t conform with reality-it does conform with the teachings of the CC in any case. The belief is that nothing more needs to be revealed concerning the salvation of man-The Incarnation of Christ definitively served that purpose once for all.

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