Are there any free sources online-whether they are video, commentaries, etc.-about the official Catholic teaching on Revelation (Apocalypse)? I’m especially interested in learning about the 7 cities listed in Revelation from a historical point of view; I don’t know too much about Thyatira, Laodicea, Pergamum, etc.

Also, what view(s) does the Catholic Church take on Revelation? Does it take a Futurist, Historicist, Preterist, or Symbolic view?


Haydock’s Catholic Bible Commentary: Introduction to the Apocalypse (Book of Revelation). Just hit “next chapter” for commentary on the verses. :slight_smile:


The first step in understanding the Book of Revelation is to understand what comes before it.

You can’t read the last chapter of a book and expect to understand what it means without having read and understood all the other chapters.

Revelation is at the end of the Bible for a reason. It was expected that we have read and understood the rest of the story.



There is no single official Church interpretation for every single passage of Scripture. There are several interpretations one can make of Revelation that are in conformity with Catholic teaching.


I highly recommend checking out the Aquinas Study Bible link below, there are some excellent commentaries on there, and the Aquinas Study Bible commentary itself is loaded, and you will find its comments concerning the 7 churches in Asia is very helpful from a historical view because it quotes Nicholas of Lyra, who commented on the possible bishops of those churches at the time.


Such as?


Preterist, Idealist, Historicist, Futurist, etc.

It’s not really the name of the approach that’s important, though, it’s the content. As long as the content does not contradict Church teaching (such as the interpretations including the Rapture and Christ’s secret Second Coming), it’s generally going to be acceptable. Not all interpretations are equal from a biblical scholarship standpoint, but it would still be acceptable to hold to a range of opinions.

The beauty of Scripture is that a single passage can contain multiple meanings. The Church generally does not squelch that by saying only one interpretation is the “official” Church interpretation of a passage to the exclusion of all other possible interpretations.


The Church does not have an official teaching on Revelation.
In fact the Church has an official interpretation on only a handful (less than 10) of verses out of the whole Bible.

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