From my understanding many catholic interpretations of the Book of Revelations point out that a lot of it happened during the regin of Nero.
Could anyone point me to some good references, articles or books that support and explain this view? I’m interested in this because I have many protastant friends who are constantly saying things that the Church is the whore of Babylon and claiming all these signs from revelations in our modern world that I seem to view as already happened.

Thank you and God Bless




This is a good book with Bible verses that helped me understand. Most protestants will not like this book as it really does damage to their belif in the Rapture.




Scott Hahn makes an excellent argument that the whore of Babylon is the corrupt Jewish leaders of that day who were persecuting the new Christian church then.

I have some of his arguments here

Just so you know there is one guy, I think he might be Catholic???, has copied and pasted a very anti-Catholic’s critique of my web page by [size=1]Roger Garza[/size]. Of course [size=1]Roger Garza[/size] does not advertise it as a critique of “Defending the Bride” partial and obviously limited presentation of Scott Hahn. What glory is there in attacking my little web site ?

Rather, he bills it as a refutation of the Scott Hahn.

[size=1]Roger Garza[/size] chose to eliminate one the most important Biblical Quotes that Scott Hahn uses so that this anti-Catholic arguments sounds better. Real cheap attack if you ask me. I consider his refutation to be so weak, that it is hardly worth a rebuttal, but his unfair techniques do make it seem that he has a good point when he does not. Eventually I do plan to do the rebuttal. Please pray for the Catholic??? who chooses to publish [size=1]Roger Garza “critique”. His text is bolder and is presented as the answer the arguments that I have presented by Scott Hahn. So, i fear many Catholics and others will just go and read his arguments primarily, Only ? , when they have NO merit.[/size]



Thank you to both of y’all for the references.

I don’t understand why a Catholic would attack his own church. That’s ridiculous. I will defiantly pray for him.


The entirety of Dr. Hahn’s presentation on Revelation is available here:


I’ve written on forums like this for over 20 years.and the scenario is always the same. Every time a topic comes up the answer is usually accompanied by… “Did you read Dr so-and-so’s book on this” or “here is a You Tube video of pastor what’s his name.”

This is why whole denominations become spiritually inbred with the same doctrines - very often false doctrines. I’ve long since gave up on Protestant doctrines of Eschatology (Futurism) having moved to the Amillennial view more than thirty years ago.

The main problem with Christianity today is lazyness - let somebody else do all of the hard work of studying the scriptures. Today it seems that everyone is an expert because they have a PHG degree -. Doctorate of Google - cut-n-pate expertise. After all we are not qualified as the Doctorate is are we? Don’t be too impressed by a PHD because all it means i that somebody has learned a school of thinking and doctrines of some denomination or school of thought. For example who knew the Bible better - the Doctors of the law on temple hill or the poor and ignorant fishermen who lived with Jesus? Much of the Bible is Spiritually discerned and that cannot be learned out of a book.

Unfortunately, Protestants decades ago moved away from academia because of the their apostasy and formed their own “Bible Schools.” These schools were not based on common sense and good scholarship and we end up where we are today with schools like the “Dallas Theological Seminary” providing our eschatology. In the denomination that I grew up in there were only a handful of “Theologians” determining the teaching that was followed by million of followers. This is not good because Bible study doe not entail the verification simply within the writers context.


Sonseehera (hope I got the spelling correct)

I take Isaac Netwon’s approach: “If I have seen farther it is because I have stood on the shoulder of giants.”

Why would anyone start from scratch to interpret a difficult and challenging book like Revelations when we have access to 2,000 years of Biblical scholarship? These men (Hahn especially a favorite of mine) are world renown scholars. And I’m going to pit my “scholarship” against theirs?

It is a good point, however, to be careful of which giant shoulders you stand on. Happily Catholics hare a magisterium against which to bounce writings.


I have bought two sets of this series. I ended up giving away both to troubled souls.
Looking back, I should have only lent it out…

Notice the link above is only for the Study Guide.
If you buy the CD and Study Guide together you basically get the Study Guide for FREE.

Available as CD and Study Guide (Item #8001379) or Study Guide alone (Item #1001702).

Compare with link to St Joseph Comm on my web page. Study Guide is an extra $15 there.


The issue I take with your point. Which I’m not trying to say your wrong I just have a different opinion. The issue is that if I tried to interpret everything on my own I would most likely either not understand it or fall inter hearesey. I’m not saying you can’t do that but I honestly have a better feeling when receiving aid from people theologically trained.
As for your statement about the apostles knowing it better then the Pharassies that’s dosnt really follow your point because the apostles where standing right there with Jesuses and didn’t always understand thing. The Pharassies (no idea if I spelled this right) where concerned with their own power over spiritual guidance and I doubt Scott Han and people such as that and Docters of the Church are in it for that. But I think this is a fundamental difference between Protestantism and Catholisim. There is a reason why there are a billion Protestant denominations and it’s because everyone had a different opinion on how to interpret something. That’s just my thoughts. I do not mean to offend and I have no problem with your opinion. I just personally believe I need aid in interpreting scripture.

God Bless


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