Revelations show accurate?

I haven’t really seen any of it, but I just want to know if you find any of what was presented in the show accurate…

I saw the first episode and there was only one aspect of the show that I was uncomfortable with. It was the Jesus comes again as a child. This poses the big issue that Christ already has a body. He ascended into heaven with his body. There would be no need for him to be born again as a child to enter the world again.

So far, I haven’t seen anything too far fetched or worth evaluating. An infant surviving a ship wreck, it could happen, babies have been found surviving tougher situations.

Someone cutting his finger off and it not bleed profusely and it hurting like crazy and screaming bloody murder, a bit of a stretch but if he is allied with Satan, could be possible.

A nearly 'brain dead, comatose kid drawing a picture identical to someone else daughther’s picture AND speaking words from Revelations, that would be an unbelievable event. Of course with demonic possession in the picture, almost anything is possible.

As far as accurate with regards to Church or Bible prophetcies, nothing yet conforms to what is written or anything implied as far as I can tell.


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