Greetings Brethren,

I wasn’t really sure of where to place this, but, since it seems to be dependent upon responding to the word of God, the vocations forum seemed appropriate.

I guess my question is basically - how do you know when God is revealing something to you?

In school, I think it is easy: we learn by logic and reason. This is natural in Theology, too. But I tend to think God supercedes logic and reason as well. In Church, I think, we learn by faith, and, whereas logic and reason may infer an answer, our faith tends to reveal stuff to us.

That’s a simple explanation, but it tends to mystify the subject. There are passages in the public revelations of the Bible, and in the private revelations of the Saints, where things just happen which defy explanation. Saint Francis of Assisi one time prays for a pauper to have a drink, and he receives a revelation that there is a spring at the other side of the field they are on, so he directs the pauper to go there. The man finds the spring and drinks. Later the spring disappears, and legend holds it as a miracle.

Faith is man’s response to God’s word. Assuming the miracle above is true, I am wondering how St Francis knew by faith that God put the spring there in answer to his prayers - so much so that he was able to respond well enough to tell the pauper where to go to get a drink. It’s one thing, I think, to merit a blessing, but to be able to recognize it and respond to it is also important.

I don’t ask this to argue the veracity of the hagiography. We all pray for water; we all probably receive answers to our prayers springing out of nowhere, and we don’t even recognize them half the time.

I don’t know if this is making any sense. But what am I missing? It seems I need to understand revelation better to be able to respond to God’s word in faith.




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