How important is reverence today? Is it important that some things should remain sacred in society or should everything be open to ridicule? What remains sacred today and do you think we need a sense of the sacred in modern society? Has modernity erroded our sense of the sacred? Does this matter? Have we lost anything from that erosion or are we able to look at the emperors new clothes with a striking clarity today that was once impossible? Was it Lewis Black who said that wars are started by people who don’t laugh. Something about being too serious and holding things to be too sacred. What do you think about that statement? In relation to Catholicism? What about when you factor in Islam and Islamic reactions recently in the news?

Does having the ability to laugh at something contradict revering it? Should everything be open to humour and criticism or is that merely a license for insult?


No takers?


Things of God should be reverenced. It’s kind of a broad vague subject. But yes, modernity, via the wiles of the devil, has worked very hard to declare nothing sacred.


If you head over to the Traditional Catholic forums, you’ll see many complaints about irreverence in the Mass.

We should take sacred things seriously.


Several years ago there was an article (or book maybe) - something to the effect of “where has become of outrage”.

This was along the same lines.

I believe reverence and the sacred are essential. But in a Godless society they don’t make it to firstbase.


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