Reverent liturgy in Boston

So, I’m from Europe and I’ll be in Boston from September 30th (Sunday) to October 5th (First friday). I’m looking forward to know from people in Boston where I could get reverent liturgies during those days in the center of Boston. I’m aware that there is TLM at the Cathedral on Sunday and on First Firday, but I still need suggestions for the other days (and even for those, as I don’t know yet if my schedule will allow me to go to these TLMs).

So, could you please inform me of reverent liturgies in the center of Boston, along with some information about them (e.g. NO/TLM/DL, latin or vernacular, ad orientem, male altar boys only, etc.)?

Thank you. :slight_smile: And perhaps I look forward to see you there!

If you should perhaps be interested in an Eastern Catholic experience, the Melkite Eparchy has its cathedral parish in West Roxbury, not too far from the city center.

Annunciation Melkite Catholic Cathedral

The Melkite Divine Liturgy is a truly exceptional expression of worship.

Alright everyone, spread out! This is my territory. :cool:

Well, here in the Archdiocese, there are few options. After Summorum Pontificum, quite a few sprang up, but within a few months to a year many of them stopped for different reasons. In Boston, there is, as you said, the Cathedral. That’s probably your best bet if your in the center of Boston. This is done in the lower Church, not the High Altar.

While I have discovered that most liturgies (though all beautiful due to the Mysteries that they are) may not be described as “reverent”. I say this delicately simply because the mass is the mass. Are you looking for Daily Masses as well? I assume you are. Unfortunately, there is only one Parish so far that offers daily Masses in the EF in the Archdiocese. This would be Mary Immaculate of Lourdes. I have never attended this because I am on the North Shore and MIL is more southwest of Boston. It isn’t terribly far, I dont think.

As I noted before, I live on the North Shore. The North Shore is served predominantly by Saint Adelaide’s in Peabody, but that is pretty far from Boston center. Saint Adelaide’s offers sunday and first saturday TLM’s. If you want any more info about Saint Adelaide’s or Mary Immaculate of Lourdes, just ask and I’ll try to answer

Also on the North Shore is St. Mary Star of the Sea in Beverly, MA. The regular Mass is a very revernent Novus Ordo - the priest is excellent, there’s incense, church is beautiful, beautiful choir and old hymns, and very reverent. The altar servers wear cassock and surplice and are mostly boys ( usually there will be 4 boys and 2 girls, but sometimes there are just boys as well as our seminarians) The Agnus Dei is done in Latin, and sometimes the Communion hymn is one in Latin. There are also TLM’s occasionally. Here’s the website: It’s about 30 min north of Boston if you go up highway 128.

Probably not quite what you’re looking for in terms of style (they have a “worship band” :harp::bigyikes:), but very accessible in downtown, is the Saint Anthony shrine near Downtown Crossing. They have a ton of Masses and many open times for Confession. I used to go there frequently when I lived in Boston. While the style might not be your thing I never found anything wrong with the substance, and for convenience it can’t be beat.


Is it being implied that in order for a Mass to be reverent it must be in latin only?

How is this being implied? :confused:

Not sure, but one has to wonder what seeking a reverent liturgy has to do with wanting to know if it’s with ad orientem, male-only altar boys (is there another kind?), etc.

We have altar-kids. :smiley:

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