Reverent Novus Ordo

Does anyone have pictures of reverent Novus Ordo Masses being celebrated? I’m all in favor of the reform of the reform and the Novus Ordo Mass being repaired (especially hopeful for the Holy Father’s Exhortation which will concern Latin in the liturgy). Even thought the Tridentine Mass is very beautiful I do believe that the Novus Ordo can be just as beautiful if celebrated properly, for isntance, if every Mass was celebrated as it is in St. Peter’s Basilica we’d be a ok.

So does anyone have pictures like these that show the Novus Ordo at its best? And I do agree that currently, in some cases, actually in many cases the Tridentine Mass is indeed more reverent. Luckily I’m able to attend a parish that celebrates a beautiful NO, still we need Latin in the Mass!

How’s this?
Yes, that is an NO at my parish!

We are so reverent that we are not allowed to take pictures during our NO Mass.:smiley:

It started as a joke, but it is true. Our pastor would be really unhappy if someone would start taking pictures during Mass. He is usually available for pictures after Mass when it is a special occasion like first communion, baptism etc. However, it starts to give “the look” if someone gets too comfortable with the camera especially with the flash.

Hmm? That sounds like an Amish notion of reverence not a Catholic one.

You can find pictures of properly-done Pauline Masses at the Assumption Grotto at

Latin, ad orientem, incense, the works.

Go here to Diane’s blog. You’ll see lots of them. She has rules about using them, though.

There’s also a particular picture of Paul VI I’ve seen where he’s celebrating the NO versus populum. Does anyone know where I can find this? I think I’ve even seen it on this site.

That is an interesting comment, but I do not understand it.:o
I do not want to hijack the thread with a new topic so I would ask you to please PM me with a more detailed explanation, if you wish so. Thanks.

Honestly, my picture is from First Communion.
My pastor doesn’t like flash photos either.

But I can tell you that at Midnight Holy Mass, camera phones were sure used!

Hey, nmm, is that your daughter? Very pretty young lady.

When our DS made his FHC there, instead of taking a picture during Mass, Fr. Ben posed for a picture AFTERWARD with an unconsecrated host.


Actually, all the pictures taken of the First Commuions are done by Pam the Photographer who sets up with no flash. We then get a CD with all of them at a nominal price.
Worked for me.
But I really like the unconsecrated host idea.

Remind me sometime to tell you about the church tour with Fr.Ben that the homeschoolers went to…

Beautiful picture…I loved it. Goodnight

We have it so good!
I truly pray that everyone who wants a parish like mine could get it.


I do not have any pictures but I believe we have a very reverent NO mass. We have Latin Chants, some Greek, and a Priest who is concerned with doing things properly. I attend St. Matthew’s Parish in Detroit.

Posted by Rand Al’Thor on a previous thread of mine:

I have no picutres, but I think my parish does well with the NO. Could it be better? Probably. But then, most things could be better.

Diane’s photos can be used, provided there is a link back to the original blogpost from which it came :wink:

This is the Latin Novus Ordo at my parish - Assumption Grotto in Detroit. Yes, I have many photos - just check the sidebar under the photopost section

This is one that took place on August 15, 2005 in our outdoor Grotto.

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And one would be very blessed to bookmark it as well!

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