Revert back !

Why has the church fell apart?

Why have we done this… It is clear when Christ appointed Peter to build the Church, he tried so hard along with Paul and the others to avoid this from happening. They had meetings about what to allow if something came up that they were unsure about and what not to allow and they made sure they all agreed so it would not be split up. They made sure that Christ wasnt divided!

In Pauls letter he states “has Christ been divided up?” “was i nailed to a cross for you?”

He is talking of Christ being devided up, as he has been today.

We have destroyed the Church of Christ.

No wonder the world is in such a state now because of all false beliefs, teachings and the internet has made is worse.

Do you think it’s possible to completely unite all churches, one with Christ before judgement day. No it is not! Unless everyone went back and understand what Christ is saying Christ.

My advice to you all is " Do what you did at first, and do that again " Go back and look at what we have been taught, then think what Christ would say. ( If we saw someone committing audultry we would deny them communion, look down on them and have nothing to do with them ) yet, Christ forgives and prayers for them. I say, we should start to forgive and start to pray for people committing sins. Inform them they ahve commited a sin and pray for them.

Why are so many catholics saying " they did this, and he did that" looking down your nose at someone whom has sinned. Yet the log in your eye is twice the size of the spec in there eye.

Why do we only forgive loved ones or people whom dont really upset us, yet when someone really hurts us, they are not forgiven and revenge is taken!
Many people claim to be catholics and Christians but act animals.
Why have we been taught to deny people communion… arnt we all supposed to prayer for the people whom are acting immoral? To love one another… forgive your enemy. Why are we only obeying Christ when it suits us? Or when it is easy to do so…

The world has changed so much now and it is more important than ever before to revert back and start to rethink the way you are living. Start to treat those people whom you have “looked down on” with respect and as your brother in Christ.

You people that sin and know about Christ yet point out other people sins are like the high priests beating the people yet, you inform people your a catholic or christian and DO NOTHING. You have words… and words cannot save you.

Sorry if this post is hurting for some but i am writing this as a brother in Christ, Not your enemy.

Stop sinning and start to live your life in a new way.

(sorry for my spelling and such things, it is very dark in this room and no time to check it all, God bless )

This is strongly related to many concerns that I have found concerning the CC as well.

There are many things that appear irrational for the CC to be doing (or not doing), but all that is, has a cause. Telling people to be different does not cause them to be different.

If you or I want them to be different, then it is up to us to either accept that they are as they are without wanting them to be different or accepting them as they are and doing what is truly required to cause them to be different.

Demonstration works much better than accusation. :smiley:

The Church has not fallen apart. Yes, it may be in serious condition in some parts of the world but overall, the Church is quite healthy. The gates of Hell or the powers of death will never overcome the Church that Christ founded! :thumbsup::extrahappy:

The catechism clearly speaks to the trials that our church,
which is Christ’s bride, must endure before His return. To lament the state of our faith, our religeon and our church is to fail to accept God’s plan…a plan which often involves inscrutible human suffering. Our two most recent Popes are great examples to all of us that we must endure the trials and tribulations of our times with serenity…born of trust…and faith. We can change ourselves, but we cannot change God’s plan for salvation.
We must accept the trials of the church and pray for grace.

I may be wrong…but I think I have the answer…I am really quite positive that I do have it…at least for me**"…Quo a me ipso fugerem?..quo non me sequerer!..**".[INDENT]Saint Augustine; Confessions (Book 4).
[/INDENT]Where could I flee from my own self?..Where I myself would not follow!

Or said another way…by another humble and holy man:** Blessed Pope John XXIII** ***"…Man is at his greatest when he is on his knees begging God for mercy…for forgiveness…" *
**Bottom Line…Our Lord Jesus and (through the power of the Holy Spirit) Peter also knew this was all coming…thus the first thing that the Lord Jesus did when he appeared to The Twelve disciples (obviously less one)…in the Upper Room after his resurrection:

John 20: 19-23 (NIV)
**Jesus Appears to His Disciples **

19On the evening of that first day of the week, when the disciples were together, with the doors locked for fear of the Jews, Jesus came and stood among them and said, “Peace be with you!” 20After he said this, he showed them his hands and side. The disciples were overjoyed when they saw the Lord. 21Again Jesus said, “Peace be with you! As the** Father has sent me, I am sending you." 22And with that he breathed on them and said, "Receive the Holy Spirit. 23If you forgive anyone his sins, they are forgiven; if you do not forgive them, they are not forgiven.”**

Peace (2x’s)…don’t sweat the big game plan…the Father is really in control…through me and the Holy Spirit…Sending you…mission comes first…get with it…Holy Spirit…you have all the power you need to get it done…sins, they are forgiven…you are sinners now…you will be sinners doing the mission…and you will be sinners when you die…My Blood is your only key to get into the Father’s Kingdom in Heaven.

Thus…my bottom line…my game plan based on the above:

Ceaselessly…beg for mercy“Lord Jesus Christ, Son of the living God, Have Mercy on me a sinner” – and frequently in the Sacrament of Reconciliation…and then** quit whimpering and feeling sorry for myself…having a pity party because I am sinner**…and then most importantly…get with it…the Father’s Will for me in my life…every moment…of every day…wrapped in one motive and one goal: Love of God and Love of my neighbor…no matter what the personal costs!! (you can see why ceaselessly begging for mercy is paramount…for me).

Semper fidelis…
Pax Christi

I hear you, David. Just remember, the Church hasn’t fallen apart. In many places it’s being tested, but God will never let His Church fall.

IMHO to be truer catholics the lukewarms have got to go. As in the ones who put their faith in abortion and gay perversion and tolerance. Once we get them out of the way you’d see the real catholics come out. And btw, if they’re excommunicated as they are supposed to be, then many will change their ways and “revert” like you’re saying.:smiley:

That is very largely why I couldn’t be Catholic.

Thanks for all your comments, i myself am too a Roman Catholic. I still adore the church and evrything it stands for. But i feel i am very like Saul, but in a different way. I am being torn away from the Roman Catholic Churches teachings. I am not saying they are wrong. I am saying we need to extend them.

We are told to deny communion. Would Christ want us to deny sinners communion? Isnt this what he stands for??? He came to us for sinners. Didn’t Peter and Paul break bread in Jesu’s name in the house of many sinners…

What rite do we have to deny sinners communion. Who said we can ex-communicate sinners. I say, we should change.
I don’t agree with gay rights, i dont agree with changing the church to suit modern times and i do not agree with abortion. There was a time where i would not stand for any of that and banish it right away.

All i am saying is we should be praying flor for those people. They need to recieve the sacrament more than any of us, why should we sinners have the right to deny them the the body of christ.

Should we banish priests for child abuse… I say, we should pray for them, point out there sins and move them to a place where they can still teach the word of God after they repent for many months.

Lets not split the church between catholics, christians and other religions. We need to agree on a mutual status. Some small things are unimportant and are getting in the way of one complete church.

The end of times is near, and those Christians and Catholics whom are by name only with have to stand before God and pour there hearts. God will see such people as cowards. Catholics and Christians living there immoral lives, casual sex, parties, blasphamy and living in an immoral way will be judged according to the law and Christ’s teachings.

I understand what many catholics are going through, even on this website continue to try and exclude others from the church, i say we should be building not demolishing.

one should teach the word of God to people whom have nt heard it. If your at work and someone is shouting at you, treating you nasty, or you are at a dinner service and the hostess or waiter is rude. Do not shout or be angry with him. Instead think, he is having a bad day himself, why make it worse for him. Instead, try and have a talk to him, pray for him and be nice to your brother in need.

If there is someone you know whom is gay, point out to them that they are in grave sin and tell them to repent! Pray for them… don’t deny communion.

Christ said to Peter, what is bounded on earth is bounded in heaven. Christ and Peter would NEVER deny any sinners communion. To deny someone the body of christ is trying to deny them the sacrafice of the cross and to deny them salvation.

COME ON MY FRIENDS!! Try today, to live this way, just today and try and make it more ad more. Have patience with people…

God bless

Hi ljubim,

I understand what ur saying but in my opinion, the church will fall. It states that this will happen. In the end times, many church leaders will be overcome by the false teachings of the antichrist. “The church will fall from within”

Also remember how the prayer of St Michael came about. Remember that satan told Christ that he could destroy the church and Christ said you have the time and power, do with it what you will"

The Church will eventually fall apart, but the Church is for the time on earth untill the Kingdom comes, soon all things will perish. Then, anything that is not heaven, is hell.

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