Review of A Jesuit Off-Broadway by Fr Martin

My parish’s book club has decided to read Father James Martin’s A Jesuit Off-Broadway. It is about his 6 month experience as a theology mentor to the Off-Broadway play The Last Days of Judas Iscariot.

Members of this book club tend to be ignorant of liberal material and pick books that I personally would never read. I cannot find any reviews of this book on the internet and was wondering if anyone has read it?

Thanks in advance for any input!


I think this particular book (I have only read excerpts) would be of interest and value to a group such as you describe. He includes the “testimony” or thoughts, opinions, input of those with whom he worked, who include majority non-Catholic, some Christian, some not, many w/o any religion, and their experiences of working on a production with this theme.

Perhap your reading group would enjoy Fr. Martin’s My Life with the Saints. It is in paperback and is a marvelous account of Fr. Martin spiritual odyssey and reflections on the saints, some well-known, some not. I have given it to several friends and family members and they all have really enjoyed it. By the way, Fr. Martin was a successful businessman before he found his Jesuit vocation.

I concur. I totally loved that book. I hated to come to the end. I really enjoy Fr. Martin’s writing and really enjoyed all his blogging for the New York Times about Pope Benedict’s visit. I’ve toyed with reading his newer book, but I haven’t picked it up yet. I’m sure it reads wonderfully as he is a good writer.

My daughter, a new Catholic and a professional stage manager, read Fr. Martin’s A Jesuit Off-Broadway, and loved it. She wrote to Fr. Martin to tell him, and he wrote her back.

I’ll try to get her to post a review.

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