Reviews of Ignatius Study Bible: New testament?

Just ordered my copy from Amazon UK after reading a good review about it on a Catholic American’s blog (did a Google search for reviews). People seem to agree its good; but what’s your opinion?

I’m at RCIA so thought it would be a useful thing to have, especially as New Testament studies are very important and my knowledge of the gospels etc is very limited. Don’t have a complete Catholic Bible yet, but I was really looking for a study Bible because I’ve often been put off reading the “normal” Bible because I don’t understand most of it. :frowning:

The Ignatius Study Bible is a fantastic study aid in reading the Bible.

I would also suggest “A Father Who Keeps His Promises” from Scott Hahn to help understand the Old Testament. It’s an easy read and makes a great companion book.

Do not forget:



Catholic Commentary on Sacred Scripture

The Ignatius Study Bible is a fantastic study aid in reading the Bible.

I would also suggest “A Father Who Keeps His Promises” from Scott Hahn to help understand the Old Testament. It’s an easy read and makes a great companion book.

I agree it is a very good choice for a one volume reference book with a good translation of the N.T. (in large print) :thumbsup:

I’ve found it a valuable reference to help me understand passages that may have slowed my reading and studying of the scripture. I’ve heard high praise for the Navarre as well, but don’t have one. Maybe that needs to be my next purchase.

Hi LemonAndLime,
I do not wish to stray off-topic but I felt compelled to point out that Amazon have a vile book on their listings. It is a book about paedophilia. Several posters on other threads have called for a boycott of the company. I just thought that I would bring it to your attention.
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I am aware of it but my understanding is that the book has now been taken off the shelves -

[quote=BBC News]The Pedophile’s Guide to Love and Pleasure: a Child-lover’s Code of Conduct has now been removed from sale.

But Amazon had defended the listing, saying it did not promote criminal acts but also avoided censorship.

And thanks, I feel a lot less guilty now about buying it even though I’m short on cash right now if its pretty good :stuck_out_tongue:

Is it worth paying £20 for? That’s including delivery charges.

Absolutely, it’s worth it. I bought the Individual book set and paid a total of $86 for them!!!

The $20.00 is well worth it! From what I understand there is nothing missing from this single-bound version.

You can find my review of the Ignatius Study Bible, New Testament, on my ‘Sunday Scripture Study for Catholics’ blog, found here.

Any news for an Old Testament study Bible? The New Testament one is fantastic.

The Genesis volume is supposed to be released this month.

Yeah, I think I saw that. I don’t want to buy them in volumes, though. Do you know if there is going to be one big book?

Eventually there will be, but as far as I know they haven’t committed to a completion date. From what I understand, they are working on numerous OT books at a time, but they will probably release them one or two at a time as they are completed just like they did with the NT.

I’m working my way slowly through some Jewish commentaries on the Torah, from the Jewish Publication Society.

The list price for each of the Torah books is $75, but you can catch them on sale at 40% off, if you are patient.

They are very comprehensive, for a single volume commentary on each of these books. The volume on the book of Numbers (“In the wilderness”) is over 500 pages.

In comparison, I see the Ignatius NT Study Bible as a good “introduction.” It is writtn with a sensitivity to the Catechism of the Catholic Church and to Dei Verbum. But, glancing around (and that is all that I’ve done with it) I don’t see much space to expand and expound on the “senses” of scripture.

Now, I may have missed this entirely if it’s there, but certainly a scripture commentary could logically be extended to reference the writings of the Early Church Fathers, too.

And, then, too, another logical extension is in the direction of Catholic apologetics. And, I know that there is some commentary about that, but I don’t think that anybody would say that this one volume work even aimed at hitting such a high target.

One of the best essays I’ve read in the 1992 New Jerome Biblical Commentary is one that explains St. Paul a lot better than St. Paul does himself. It’s an article that begins with a descriptive (if not critical) observation that Paul’s writings are not systematic and deserve clarification. There just isn’t space in the Ignatius Bible to digress to this extent, either.

In the website document library, there are documents on The Interpretation of the Bible in the Church and The Jewish People and Their Scripture, both of which contain material that can only, at best, be hastily discussion in the one-volume Ignatius commentary.

Having said all this, it’s my personal goal to try to understand the OT and specifically the Torah so that I can have a better understanding of the issues in the NT, particularly by using the Ignatius NT Study Bible.

I just read your review :slight_smile: I can’t wait until the OT one is finished either. Thats so strange by the way - you brought it for $14 and I got it for £14 - expensive for me but cheap for you! Going to go and have a read of it now :slight_smile:

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