Revised 7 deadly sins sheet based on Bishop Barrons talk on the subject

I had posted a sheet of the deadly sins and their counter virtues, and someone pointed out that Aquinas had a better definition for sloth, so I decided to take Bishop Barron’s talk (where he uses Aquinas frequently) and make a cheat sheet based on the 1hr talk…

Here it is. The writing doesn’t have complete sentences… I hope it is clear enough to understand


Arrogating to oneself the unique prerogative of God … Boring: turned in on oneself… “my little world”. Locked into what we want. Starring in one’s own movie.


Close to reality, earth… not caring what people think

Practice: purposely take the lower place. Love simple things.


Sorrow for another’s good… daughter of pride.


All is a gift… giving thanks for the gift that comes to others. Admire the good wherever it is found.

Practice: go out of your way to praise someone you are envious of. STOP COMPARING.

Marian counter example: caring that others are out of wine


A passion for revenge that goes beyond the control of reason… in Dante, smoke is anger… can’t talk, can’t think with anger


Bearing another person’s burden… going extra mile that other person won’t go… goes beyond justice… forgiving anyway.

Practice: Take concrete step towards healing broken relationship

Another practice: forgive quickly after an offense



Sorrow or depression for spiritual good… boredom of the soul. “Whatever”.

Zeal for the mission

Being sent on a mission… disciples who have been sent

Ask “how have I been sent by God?” Most important thing

Dorothy Day: Every act of every day should be the corporal and spiritual works of mercy

Marian counterexample: after Annunciation “she went in haste” knew her mission


An unreasonable desire for riches. Greedy attachment to material things. Filling up empty cage of ego.


Giving away… just like God

Practice: give things away that you don’t need


An immoderate or unreasonable pleasure in food and drink… filling up God shaped hole… more and more pleasure


Denying oneself of food drink and sensual pleasure for the sake of spiritual focus


Sex is good BUT lust is using another human being as a means to your own sexual pleasure


An upright expression of one’s sexuality … morally correct… one that always involves profound respect for the personhood of the other.

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Bishop Barron has a good talk on the seven deadly sins and the seven virtues.
His new series of talks is on Early Church Fathers.

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